Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The #1 Worst Place to Raise a Family

The award goes to (drum roll please)....Clarksville, TN! Yup, Best Life magazine rated Clarksville #1 out of over 250 cities. Boy, that's reassuring isn't it? It was even featured on the Today show. Lovely! Good thing we don't plan on raising our kids here. (Well, not if we can help it.) I have to tell you, it really doesn't surprise me. Out of all the places I have lived in Tennessee, Clarksville seems like it has the highest crime rate. The magazine also took into account other things such as education, unemployement, entertainment, etc. They used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Center for Education Statistics, the FBI, the American Association of Museums, the National Center for Health Statistics and the American Bar Association to evaluate 257 cities.
Since we are not raising children here, I can't really speak to the findings. I mean, Clarksville isn't all bad. But maybe we will take a look at the Top 100 list when thinking about our next move. :) I can tell you that we won't be moving to Honolulu (#1), but we could move close to my family in Lexington, KY (#100).

To view their top 100 cities to raise a family in, click here:


The Lankford Family said...
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Bullock Family said...

Hello sunshine!!!!! I was so thrilled to hear from you and LOVE your blog. Can you do a little decorating on mine! Yours is fancy! :) I also love your sweet puppy! Your first child for sure! I guess the move away from Clk wasn't all that bad after all! hahhaha Miss you guys!

Lindsey said...

wow that is crazy. why is it so bad there? i think you should come to NC to raise them with me ;)