Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Morning Jogs

Every morning when Clint gets up for work at 5:45, I pull myself out of bed and put my running shoes on. (Sometimes I even beat him out of bed!) This morning, it was still foggy outside and the sun had not yet come up. Our neighborhood is called Riverside and Riverbluff condominiums. Unfortunately, we are on the Riverside section and we don't have a view of the river. But, every morning I run by the edge and can see the amazing view our neighbors across the street have! And this morning, the view was breath-taking! (I was running, so couldn't take a picture, sorry!) The sun began popping up over the fog rolling across the river. Views like this make me not understand how people don't believe in God! Its in these quiet morning moments ,when the rest of my neighborhood is still sleeping and I'm trudging up a hill to a perfect scene, that I realize how truly blessed I am!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Camping Fun

This weekend, Clint and I did one of our favorite things=Camping. Finally, we got to use our new tent and sleeping bags. We headed to Montgomery Bell State Park and pitched our tent. We had so much fun doing the usual camping traditions...roasting hot dogs and s'mores, playing cards, and taking a few hikes. We really liked this campground and the scenery is beautiful. We discovered they have a hotel on the lake and we are now planning our next trip to stay there. It's really affordable since I get a 50% discount b/c I'm now a state employee! And that is music to our newlywed ears!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My RC cola man

I thought I would post a picture of my favorite RC Cola guy! Haha :) Clint started working for RC the first day I started at APSU. So far, he loves it. Working outside and talking with folks is right up his alley. He's not really one for the office work. He is finishing his training and will be ready to drive a truck here soon. Right now, our fridge is stocked with some good drinks!!

My big girl office!!

I've had some people ask when I was going to post about my new job. Since starting last Monday (7/2), this is the first opportunity I've had.

So, week two of the new gig finds me very overwhelmed. With that being said, I love the ladies I'm working with. I've been blessed to have started with the new secretary (whose personality I instantly loved!), so we have been learning together. My boss Heidi, somewhat resembles myself. She is friendly, but knows how to get down to business. Lindsey is the other Assistant Director who is very social and outgoing with the students. They have all be extremely helpful and nice to me. For that, I'm soooo grateful b/c I can tell you I've been a little stressed. I know once I get in the "flow" of things and figure out what everything is and what I need to do with it, I will be much better off! Until then, I'm just taking things one day at a time...and I mean literally. Today, I worked on one contract the WHOLE day!

Anyway, the other employees at APSU have been very welcoming as well. I glad I have this period to get adjusted before the students come back in the fall. But, I'm excited to see how the university livens up once they return!

I posted some pics of my office. I already took down my welcome sign or I would have taken a picture of that too :) I was excited that my first job includes a real office and not a cubical. (But, I would have been grateful for that too!) I got a brand new laptop that I can even take home if I need to work. Very official! I can't wait to get my business cards!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Survival of the Hatchie

Clint and I had such a good time in Jackson. It was really great for the rest of my family who couldn't attend the wedding to finally meet him. Of course, he won them all over!! He scored major points by announcing that he was going to spend the night at the clubhouse. This is the true test!! Since we were only there one night of the reunion, it was a nice way to "ease" him in!!

My dad took us down to our property and Clint received the "royal tour" of the land. Once we arrived, we had introductions, checked out the snacks (tested most of them--all passed our approval), and headed straight for the 4 wheelers. On the ride, we met 5 wild turkey! These have to be the dumbest animals ever! They ran out in front of us and then would not get out of the way!! It was a shame we didn't have a shotgun and that it isn't turkey season, or we would have had turkey for the rest of the year!! That was followed by some socializing, couple games of ping-pong, and then (my favorite) a dinner of the best pit BBQ you'll ever eat! We had to go home before they cooked the ribs :( That night, we played some cards and then I talked Clint into going on the annual mid-night ride. This year, we were lucky to have my cousin Rob's "truck-like" vehicle. It's always fun to ride through the dessert and listen to the ghost stories.

We woke up the next morning to the sound of pouring rain beating on the tin roof of the clubhouse. That was nice, except for the fact we both had to potty!! The outhouse was a nice little walk in the pouring that'll wake you up :) We ate a huge breakfast and mainly sat around inside the clubhouse chatting. Sadly, we had to leave after lunch. But, all-in-all we had fun and I would say Clint should be ready for a 2-nighter next year!!

The rain on the tin roof was hurting her ears!! :)
Will always be my little flower-girl
Clubhouse=Rain shelter
The girls going to the out-house during the rain!!