Saturday, August 17, 2013

Celebrating ONE!

Even though you don't need a reason to get together with family, it is always nice to have those you love in one place at one time to celebrate happy occasions. We couldn't think of a better reason to have folks over than Anna Ruth turning the big 1! It was such a fun day and already at one, she clearly enjoys being the center of attention..we may be in for it in a few years, ha!

Thank you to everyone who came and all of you that want to but could not make it. We love each of you and are thankful to have you in our lives. Here are just some of the few pictures taken at the party.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Anna Ruth!

One year ago I became a Momma to the most precious gift God has ever blessed me with. (Click HERE to read about that special day.) I had no idea that we were missing something this special until I heard those first cries. I will never forget that feeling, it will be something I cherish forever. It is a feeling that only a parent can know. I remember being so overwhelmed with pure joy and a bit anxious at the thought of caring for this little baby that God just loaned to Clint and I for the rest of our lives.

My sweet Anna Ruth,
You are one today! My, how the days have flown past me. In the beginning, you were so fussy, I thought I would never know a day that you wouldn't cry. In my sleep deprived delirium, I sometimes had visions of having to carry you in my arms just to keep you happy for the rest of your life. Of course that soon changed and you became my happy little lady (the baby I always knew you were deep inside). And now, everyday I look forward to holding you tight in my arms and only wish I could keep you safe within my hug.

This first year, you have taught me so much about myself that I would have never learned had I not become your mommy. Watching you change, develop and grow has been such a wonderful time in my life and I thank our Lord every day for giving me the opportunity to stay home with you this year. I am excited for the years ahead that we will have to live, love and laugh together. Happy Birthday my beautiful little lady!

Your biggest fan,

12 Months

1 year old!

You are now:
-walking more than you crawl
-waving at every car that goes by and at "hello" & "goodbye"
-trying to repeat sounds\words that we say
-just started saying "uh-oh"
-throwing the ball
-eating many solid foods (with only 4 1/2 teeth)
-loving any type of book
-taking 2 good naps in the day
-sleeping through the night (praise The Lord!)