Friday, August 29, 2008

What a Week!

Whew! TGIF is all I've got to say! This week has been so crazy. The students found out this week that I will be leaving in less than 2 weeks. They were not pleased to say the least. They have been moping around my office all week. It's nice to know that I'm loved, but very sad to leave them, especially the ones I worked with so closely. I'm also going to really miss some of the ladies I have worked with here. It's been a week of emotions for sure.

Not to mention this week was the first week of classes. Basically, this has been MY week. I've been planning for this week all summer. I have been in charge of most of the student activities that have taken place. I've been coming in early and staying late (real late in some cases). The problem with that is, it leave me no time to pack! On top of all that, Tuesday I came down with a severe cold. I have felt like total crap since then! No sense in calling in sick to work when you are leaving the next week and you have at least 2 events each day that you are in charge of running. So, to say I have a high level of stress this week might be pretty accurate. Clint has been so great this week. We usually take turns cooking (yes ladies, be jealous!), but this week he has done most of the meals.

We both know we are going to have to suck it up and deal with the chaos for the next few weeks. It won't be too long before we will be settled in (to where ever we are going to live) and hopefully have a killer view of the mountains!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Adios Clarksville, Hola Johnson City!

I am finally able to share our news. I have been waiting to post this for a few weeks. Most of our family already knows. Clint accepted a position with Pepsi in Johnson City. We found out yesterday that his start date is going to be Sept. 8th! Holy Cow, we gotta get moved! More importantly, we have to find a place to move to! I also have to find a J-O-B. I have applied for a few positions at ETSU. From the moment we found out we turned it over to God. We know that everything happens on His time. Please keep us in your prayers during the next month or so.
Even though we are nervous about how things will play out, we are still very excited.

It's no secret that we love, love, love our East TN mountains! (And that we haven't been too crazy with Clarksville.) Now, we are going to be in the heart of the mtns. and closer to family.

I will be sure to post updates!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ladies, he's off the market!

This weekend, Clint and I had the pleasure of sharing in Tom and Erin's special day. Tom is my oldest first cousin and the only boy cousin on both sides of his family. One could say he was spoiled, but I wouldn't dare since I was the baby in the family for a long time. Margaret, J.Leigh and I could never go anywhere unless Tom was accompanying us. Even to this day, even though we are all in our twenties, the parents and grandparents always request that Tom be the one to drive. He's had many years of taking care of us girls and now he has one more to look after. Maybe now with Erin on our side, he will take us to a chick flick now and then!
Erin and Tom's wedding was gorgeous! I commented on how nice it was to go to a wedding and not actually be in it. The main reason was that I got to send more time talking and catching up with everyone there. It's always so wonderful having all of your family in one place at one time.
Congrats Tom and Erin. May God bless your marriage as much as He has bless ours so far!
P.S. I have made copies of all the photos I took from the weekend and will be mailing them out to family shortly.

No W wasn't as the wedding, but I'm sure he sent his wishes :)

The newlyweds!

My date

The cousins

My twin (aka my grandmother)

Me with Margs

Saturday, August 2, 2008

We're Back

Clint and I got home this past Wednesday from a wonderful Gulf Shores vacation. We both needed a break and we got it! We stayed at a fabulous B&B called the Beach House. I would highly recommend it for couples. (No kids allowed!) I found it through the Southern Living website so I knew it had to be good. Good, indeed! It was an absolute paradise. They saw to it that every need was met. One of the things we loved was their commitment to privacy. We really didn't feel like we were staying at a B&B at all, apart from the delicious breakfast. Clint and I did absolutely NOTHING! We were the true definition of beach bums and it was amazing! Now we are back to reality, but will always have the memories of our beach house by the sea!

I contemplated how we could get this bed home with soft!

Could it get any better?
Both of these are part of the B&B. We stayed in the closest house.

Waiting for breakfast

The owner's dog Lucy
He is so silly
Walking to the car after our last breakfast
Good bye our lovely B&B!