Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sleep Deprived Thoughts

Well, I thought since it is almost midnight and I am still unable to sleep I would do some blogging. (I promise the next post will have some pictures.) I worked late tonight and drank some caffeine at work to keep me going. Now, I’m suffering the consequences. It’s hard to come home from work and wind down in just an hours time. Don’t get me wrong, my body is exhausted, I just cannot sleep! (Mental Note: No more Diet Mt. Dew and/or tea after 6 p.m)

But, I do want to send out Congratulations to three of my high school friends.

On Saturday, 2 of my friends got married: Katie along with Casey. I was unable to attend Katie’s wedding in Nashville due to (what else!) work. However, I was so glad I made it to Casey’s wedding in Harriman. It was a blast! Pictures to follow.

Also, one of my best friends Lindsey and her husband JR welcomed Griffin into the world on Monday. Most of you that read my blog also read Lindsey's blog, so this is probably not news to you. If you do read her blog you know they have long been awaiting his arrival. Can't wait to see him. Congrats to all three of you… we are growing up fast! Does this make us adults now?!?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Week in Review

Wow, another week has come and gone. It's finally the weekend!! Last weekend was filled with birthday celebrations for Ryann, Ben and Lo. Lo's birthday was on Easter so we all got together on Saturday to eat dinner, cake and open presents. It was so nice to have everyone together, minus Brooke. (We missed you!) No one was more deserving of a celebration than Lo. She continues to amaze us with how well she is recovering and dealing with chemo. A true blessing...we love you Lo!

Clint and I are staying pretty busy with work so we don't have time for many things during the week. However, recently we have been obsessed with the following two things:

1) TV show Lost--Brooke got Clint's parents watching the seasons on DVD. Once they finished one season they passed it on to us. We started with the first season and watched a few episodes each night. We finally finished the last season last week and are anxiously awaiting the current season to finish on TV so it can come out on DVD.

2)Skype--Again, another thing introduced to us by Brooke. Since we have a built in camera on our new laptop, we have been able to use this program. For those who don't know, Skype is basically a video phone. You can "call" anyone who has a web cam,Skype (which is free) and is online. So far we have talked to Brooke in Arkansas and our little Ryann in Knoxville. It's more personal than a phone call and a great way to stay connected with people.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben

Today is Ben's 20th birthday. Joe and Lo no longer have any more teenagers! Ben is Clint's favorite brother and my favorite brother-in-law.He is at school at Tennessee Tech but we are looking forward to celebrating with him this weekend. Happy Birthday Ben!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryann

Today is our little Ryann's second birthday. I cannot believe she is already 2! We wish we could be there to celebrate with her. But, we will have to wait until they can come this way to see her again and give her our gifts!
Happy Birthday Ryann-Your Uncle Clint and Aunt Missy love you!

Little Easter Baby
Meeting Ryann for the first time at our Rehersal Dinner


Saturday, April 4, 2009


This week was great because for some reason it flew by. It’s sad to say but Clint and I have both mentioned that we feel we are “living for the weekends.” With this job I only have a few hours at night to spend with him before we have to go to bed and do it all over again in the morning. So, on the weekends, we try to make the most of our time together.

Today was another gorgeous spring day. We got up and took Chloe to the groomer and then ate breakfast at a cute little diner close to our house. You know the kind, they serve breakfast all day and the waitress calls you “honey” and “sugar.” (I will mention that this is also the kind of place that you can spot a man smoking outside wearing a wife beater t-shirt, flannel pj pants, and…wait for it…NASCAR flip flops!) Clint said that we should go there because it sounded like the kind of place my grandfather Hunter would have liked. I love that he knew that since the only way he ever “met” him was through my memories. (So he actually does listen to all my stories and endless chatter!) It was the exact kind of place that I would have taken Hunter to eat breakfast. Good country cooking for only a few bucks!

While we were waiting for Chloe Belle to finish with her haircut we headed home, yard work for Clint and sewing for me. After lunch we went to Elizabethton to browse some antique stores. It was a perfect day to stroll downtown on the square! Afterwards, we took a hike up Buffalo Mountain. It was awesome to be at the top and see all of JC. I love the mountains and I love, love, love the weekend!