Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moving up in the Soda World

Yesterday, we got some very exciting news. Clint got a promotion at work! Some of you might be thinking, "Wow, already?" But, honestly he has been working up to this since he got the position. I am so extremely proud of how hard he has been working. As I mentioned earlier, he received his Class A driver's license, but he won't be needing that with this new position. His new title is Small Store Account Manager. He will get to wear more professional clothes and will be managing convenient stores, drug stores, and independent store accounts. This is really more of the type of job he was looking for. He also gets to start a Monday-Friday work week schedule! No more Saturday work days for him!! And the pay increase isn't so bad either :) We feel God is defiantly looking out for us and feel very blessed to have this happen already.

O Christmas Tree...

This year Clint and I decorated our first Christmas tree together. Actually, last year we decorated my grandmother's tree for her, but this was OUR first tree. I will say we had to do some compromising when it came to decorating. (Welcome to marriage!) Clint is use to a real tree, colored lights, and home-made ornaments. I'm use to a fake tree, white lights, and elaborate decorations. We had to get an artificial tree because of the maintenance of a real tree and honestly the tree we have now is really almost too big for our space. But, my super garage sale find turned out to be a real winner...for $10 you cannot beat it! We have white lights, but colored ornaments and we used a star instead of a bow. And Clint placed most of the ornaments on the tree. I will say we are both very pleased with how it turned out. (For some reason the pictures don't do it justice. It really looks nice.) All in all, I'm glad we compromised and now have a tree we both can enjoy. I can already tell that decorating the tree together will be a Davis Family tradition!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Memories

Clint and I had a wonderful trip to Kingsport this weekend for Thanksgiving. We arrived late Wednesday night and still found time to visit with everyone. We have fallen in love with our precious little niece. When we saw Ryann last she was just a babe in arms. Not anymore! As you can see in the pictures, she is so cute. Our family got to eat 2 Thanksgiving at Joe and Lo's house and the other at Clint's grandparent's house. It's always so great to visit with his family.
On the way back to Clarksville we stopped in Rockwood for some lunch and got to see my family for just a bit. We added another passenger to our car on the ride home. This week we have my mom's dog Maggie. I'll let you know how that goes. Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Please keep in your prayers

Last week, I got a call from my old roommate and one of my best friends,Bridget, letting me know that her mom had just suffered from 2 heart attacks. She had surgery to fix the 2 blockages. They saw another blockage but they are hoping to fix that with medication so they won't have to do surgery again. Please keep Bridget and her family in your prayers. It's a really scary thing to have happen to your mother at such a young age. So far, she seems to be doing well and we hope she continues that way.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


This weekend was nice and relaxing for us. Clint worked his last Saturday (we hope!) because he will soon be going to the Mon.-Fri. schedule...yay!! His sister Brooke and brother Ben made a quick pit stop last night to our place while they were on their way home to Kingsport. Even though it was a very brief trip, it was still so great to get to chat and catch up with them last night and this morning. We will be seeing them very soon because we are heading that way too on Weds. after we get off work. Clint and I are extremely excited to be visiting his family for Thanksgiving.
Every year at Thanksgiving my family would go around the dinner table and name one thing we were thankful for that year. This year I sat down and listed the top 5 things I am grateful for this year.
I thought I would share them with you:

5) I'm thankful that I get to live in a country that allows me to believe, feel, and worship the way I choose. I'm so blessed to live in a country that women are allowed to have a voice.

4) I'm thankful that this year God blessed both Clint and myself with jobs as soon as we graduated and got married. Jobs that allow us to give back to others in many ways.

3) I'm thankful that this year I have reconnected with my mother.

2) I'm thankful that I have friends and family who continue to encourage and support me no matter how far away we are from each other.

1) And of course, I'm extremely thankful that this year I was able to marry my best friend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you take the time to reflect on how truly blessed we all are!

Monday, November 12, 2007

6 Months and Counting

As of today, Clint and I have been married for 6 months. Wow, how the time flies! We have already learned so much about each other. God has truly blessed me with such a caring husband. He is always doing things to help me and make my happy. My favorite part of the day is when I get to come home to him. We miss our family terribly, but this has been such a great learning process for us since we are away from all our family and friends.
One of our first pictures together...celebrating my 22nd birthday. Check out our hair!
6 months ago at our rehearsal dinner

Back where I come from

This weekend Clint and I journeyed to Bond's Crossing in Jackson, TN. I had not seen my grandmother and father in a while so we decided to make a weekend of it. Our weekend pretty much consisted of reading, eating Coe's home cooking, and working on my car. A few months ago I had a minor fender binder which resulted in a bent front fender. The only thing that really bothered me about this was my car door would not open all the way. The accident was my fault, so insurance would not pay for it. I won't re-live the accident, but let's just say I have now learned all the one way streets in Clarksville as a result. Anyway, my dad is a pro when it comes to fixing cars. It may take him a while to figure it out, but he gets it done. (He put a whole new transmission in my car once all by himself!) Clint got a lesson in Shop 101 when he helped my dad. We drove off in a good as new car that now has all doors operating normally! He saved us about $800 (that was the estimate anyway), thanks Dad!

While we were there, I showed Clint around the old home place. We drove to the farm that I grew up on. I feel very blessed to have lived in the house my great-grandparent's built. We also took my not so little anymore cousins to see the "Bee Movie." Gosh, they are really growing up! Always a good time in Jackson.
Annie (7) and Sarah (12-Holy Cow, she will be a teenager next year!)

Friday, November 9, 2007

This is no Tonka Truck!

I'm so proud of Clint! Yesterday, he took the test to get his class A driver's license and he passed! This means he is now officially allowed to drive the big old trucks. I have always been terrified by the thought of having to drive one of those trucks (let's face it, I can barely see out of my little Acura!), let alone having to parallel park one of them! Of course, I didn't doubt for a minute that Clint would do fine, it's just a little nerve racking to think about. Right now, it looks like he will not have to drive the bigger trucks, but it's a great thing to have in your back pocket (literally!) and opens up more opportunities for future jobs, if needed. I keep reminding him that even though this is not his dream job, it is a great time to get experience in a field and possibly work his way up. And that's just what he is doing!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Way to Go Joey

This weekend our friend Joey will be graduating from Police Academy in Kentucky. Clint met Joey at MTSU before Clint and I were together. Clint was in Joey's wedding when he got married to Amanda. Once I came along they graciously accepted me into their friendship circle. We all soon became great friends. In Murfreesboro, we had couples night at least once a week which usually consisted of some kind of board game. When we decided to just have family members in our wedding we knew that Joey would have to be in it because they are like our family.

Joey and Amanda moved to Bowling Green when Clint and I moved to Clarksville. We have visited each other a few times, but not nearly enough. This weekend, Joey will be graduating and we are so proud of him. We wish could be there with them at his graduation. However, the real world is way more demanding than our carefree college years and we will both be working this weekend. But we will be thinking about him and now that he is finished with the Academy, hopefully our visits will become more frequent.

Way to go Joey!
Miller's Grocery- 1 of our favorite restaurants
Serious bowlers!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st Trick-or-Treat results

After much deliberation in the candy isle (and about 10 minutes of discussion), Clint and I picked out the perfect and affordable mix of candy. We settled on Skittles, Starburst, Milky Way, and Kit-Kats. I must tell you the reasoning behind the excitement. I grew up in the country and never had a single trick-or-treater. When I got too old to go out myself, I would dress up each year in hopes of handing out some candy. Each year I was disappointed because of course, no one came. I know, I felt sorry for myself too. Anyway, Clint said he really never got to hand out candy either because he was always going out himself.
This year, we felt pretty confidant we might get some little people knocking at our door because we live in a fairly busy neighborhood. (Even though most of them are Army people.) So, we stocked up the candy bowl, lite our jack-o-lanterns, turned on our porch light and waited. And....nothing! We started watching Halloween movies and looking out the window....nothing! Just as we were about to feel REAL sorry for ourselves, we heard a knock at the door. There standing before us was our one and only trick-or-treater dressed up in a Superman costume. He couldn't have been a day over 3. He could barley stand up without help. But, that's OK, we loaded him down with candy and felt really good about ourselves! I know in the future we might cherish the days of only 1 trick-or-treater if we live in a busy neighborhood. So, our goal for next year: 2 trick-or-treaters!!!