Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Starting to Grow

I think my belly is finally starting to show. I've only really noticed it this week. Today, I'm exactly 14 weeks. (I have yet to get Clint to take a picture.) I had read that many women say it's nice to have a picture diary of "belly photos" so that you can look back and see the progression and maybe compare with future pregnancies. I thought I would have been better at doing this, but with all that has been going on it hasn't been a priority. Granted, neither of the pictures that I'm posting look any different from my normal size. However, I will say that now I do look like I've eaten a few too many tacos. I told Clint it might be nice to get bigger so that people will think I'm not just gaining weight but that I'm actually pregnant, ha!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I couldn't let Valentine's Day pass me up this year. I'm not so sure I'll have time next year to make my handmade Valentines so I wanted to be sure to get them out this year.

I also made a few Valentine's day treats for my Valentine. Don't forget to share the love with those you love!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maryland Coworkers

One of the reasons I will never regret our year long stay in Maryland has to do with these people...

I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people at the college, especially in my office. These are the staff and student workers who made coming to work each day so fun. (Yes, we even got to have a dog in the office and you know that made me a happy girl.)

Not to mention, my favorite new friend Shauna. She was the program assistant for our office and my southern sister from North Carolina. I knew from the first day of work that we would get along great. She is such a sweet, genuine person who has a heart for the Lord and for helping people. I am a firm believer that God introduces people into your life at just the right time. He knew I would need a friend like Shauna who I could relate to while living in a new place. I have a feeling we will be lifelong pals.

Oh Baby!

Come August, the Davis family will be a family of 3! And we couldn't feel more blessed. It was very early, but we told our immediate families over Christmas. We had just found out a few weeks before and wanted to share the news with everyone all at once. They all took the vow of silence until we felt ready to let everyone else know.

Many people have told us "it's about time," but we always knew we wanted at least 5 years of marriage before we had kids. We will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this May.

Right after we told my sister (who will be a first time aunt), my uncle and cousin. We took video of when we told the rest of our families. You can imagine how excited the mothers were about the news!

With my uncle Mike, who will do doubt be a wonderful great-uncle. He use to change our diapers, feed us and give us baths when we were little. Love him.

With my sweet sister-in-law Brooke. She already has the aunt role down, she is amazing with our niece Ryann.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're Back

After a crazy fast pack up and move, we are glad to report that we are now back in our new/old house. There are still boxes in some rooms, but for the most part, we are pretty much settled in. I will admit, it's so nice to be back. And, in some ways it seems like we never left. Although we have changed around some of the rooms a bit, it feels just like it did.

We are so thrilled to be close to family again. And, they have been such a tremendous help to us with this move. Certainly, couldn't have done it without them. I'm looking forward to making some weekend trips around the state to visit friends and family that we haven't seen in awhile.

Clint is enjoying his new job, although he is still training. He usually comes home every day with a smile which makes me so happy. More to come later, just wanted to quickly update.