Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas time in the Capital

A few weekends ago, Clint and I spent the night in DC. We wanted to visit a few of the Smithsonian museums that we hadn't made it to and just get to experience Christmas in the city. We stayed at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown.

This hotel is rich in American History. Franklin D. Roosevelt worked on his famous "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" inaugural address while a guest. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was said to lunch there daily for over twenty years. It also has been the site of a few political scandals, but I'm sure it doesn't want to be remembered for those.

Checking out the view.

Grand lobby

At the national Christmas tree, each state has their own tree and the ornaments are decorated by a selected organization from the state. Here is Maryland.

Tennessee's tree was decorated by ornaments from patients at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. When I worked at APSU, the students organized a dance marathon that benefited this hopsital in Nashville. As the advisor for the student group, I went and toured the facility. It is an outstanding place and I fell in love with there mission. We try to support them whenever we can. Our Christmas cards from last year and this year are designed by patients or former patients. 100% of the proceeds will directly benefit Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital patients and their families.

The National Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Much to be Thankful for

Thanksgiving this year was spent in Kingsport with Clint's family. We had some things to do to our house so we wanted to maximize our time. Ahhhh, back in TN.
I always have a blast with his family. Ben wasn't able to come in and we sure did miss him. He has been my Black Friday shopping buddy the past two years. So, it didn't feel right getting up early to shop.
We certainly have so much to be thankful for, especially our family. They have all supported us this past year with our move and we couldn't have made it without them. We cannot wait to spend more family time with both sides at Christmas.

Beautiful sister-in-law

My Best Friend, the Bride

I think I have mentioned before that my best friend Rachel and I have been friends since kindergarten. So, when I found out that she was getting married in October, I told her I would do everything I could to be there. I had already taken some days off of work and just recently flown to Knoxville. But, I have an amazing husband who knew how important this was to me. He told me to go and not worry about it. It was the BEST trip. Rachel drove 6 hours by herself to make it to my wedding so I couldn't imagine not being with her on her day. It was so special.

Sweet Timothy, my first "nephew"

The bride and groom to be at the rehersal dinner. Doesn't Rachel look stunning!

Here we are at her rehersal dinner (10/2011) and a picture from us at mine (5/2007).

I do not normally cry at weddings because they are happy times and I usually only cry at sad occasions. I didn't even cry at my OWN wedding. However, I boo-hooed when Rachel walked down the aisle. Maybe it was because I wasn't actually in the wedding on stage in front of everyone or maybe it was because I know the journey she has taken to get to this point. Either way, I now know what it means to cry tears of joy.

I was asked to cut the cake at the reception. I also now know there is a science to wedding cake cutting.

With my beautiful best friend

The happy couple! Thank you Rachel and Burton for letting me be there to share with you on your wedding day.

Sailing Away with Family

We live in the "America's Sailing Capital" but hadn't been sailing yet. That was until Joe and Lo came to visit one October weekend. What a neat thing to do on a Sunday afternoon. We sailed on the beautiful Woodwind II, which was used in the filming of The Wedding Crashers, starring Owen Wilson & Vince Vaugh. The crew told us the weather was just perfect for a sail. I have to agree. What a neat memory made that day!

Our family

I love this picture.

Cousin Weekend

I love having company in but, I especially love when it is family. My favorite cousin Margaret made a quick weekend trip to come see us here in Annapolis in October. We have so much fun catching up with each other. I'm always looking forward to our next visit.

Her flight got in late Friday night so it gave Clint and me a chance to walk around DC at night.

Hello Obama family

Girls lunch at "Treaty of Paris"


Friday, December 2, 2011

Current Favorites

It's been about a month since I've posted, shame on me. I keep waiting thinking I'll get around to uploading some pictures to post, but apparently that might be awhile. Anyway, I've got lots to post so keep checking back. But on to more important matters, favorite things! I love the recent post by Hayley on the Nesting Place. So, I thought I would take a quick minute to share my current favorites under $10.00.

1) Pop Chips ($2.99 bag)

Oh me oh my, these are killer! If you don't know, chips are my favorite food. I love pretty much all kinds, no discrimintating here! Chips and dip, nachos, or just the plan kind, it makes no difference. However, this kind of food doesn't suit well when a gal is trying to watch her calorie intake. For a while I had been trying to eat only pretzels which, in my opinion, satified my salt craving but are Boring! Enter my absolute new favorite food: POP CHIPS. Why do I love them so? They are not fried, not baked, are all natural and low in fat and calories. Have you had these? If not, go to the store right now and grab a bag (or a few). Click here to find them near you. Usually run around $2.99 a bag but I recently bought 4 bags online for $5.

2) Love & Respect ($13.00)

Clint and I just finished this study at church and it has changed the way I view marriage completely! I have read many other marriage books in the past and nothing, I mean nothing, has positively affected our marriage the way this message has. If you are married or desire to be married, please read this book by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.
3) Garnier Moisture Gel Cream ($6.99)

For once, something that does what it says. This cream really is "refreshing." It's a gel that is super moisturizing without leaving your skin oily. I have been using this for about 8 months now and it keeps my face from drying out. I put it on at night before bed and in the morning after I shower. Good stuff!
4) Sharpie Pen ($8.99- 4pack)

Ah yes, I had to end with office supplies because they have always been my favorite. I remember one year for Christmas getting a box full of envelopes, notepads, pens and tape from my grandmother. I was probably about 7 years old and it was without a doubt my favorite gift. I'm sure my parents would have liked to have known that before they went out spent a bunch of money on toys! A former coworker, who happens to be a lover of office supplies too, introduced me to these little jewels. Anything by Sharpie is good but these are the best. I'm a pen snob and these are top on my list.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas before Thanksgiving

I did something I don't normally do...I put up our tree before Thanksgiving. We were going to be out of town for Thanksgiving and so we wanted it to be up when we got back. I had to scale down our decorations this year because of space, but it's still pretty festive at the Davis house. And it means less to take down!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The things you miss...

Besides family and friends, the thing I miss most about TN is the southern food. And the mountains, and the cotton fields, and SEC football fans, and the inexpensive prices...and, and, and. Okay, so maybe just right now I miss the food. In the South, food is a love language, and let's face it, some folks up here just don't get it!

There is a great deal of variety of food in this area from many different countries, but it's extremely hard to find a place that serves a "meat and three." (three vegetables, that is.) But, would you believe there is a Cracker Barrel in Maryland? I almost choked myself when I saw that lovely gold and brown CB sign for the first time. Let me back up and say that it is over the bay bridge and quite a distance away from us. So much so that we probably won't be going back unless 1) we head back to the beach or 2) get a big fat hankering for some home cookin'.

Anyway, on our way back from the beach, it was never even discussed, we knew we would stop in for lunch. It was great for the nostalgic feeling and all, but ya'll, even though they get the same food from the CB trucks, it still doesn't taste the same. And no matter how hard anyone tries, they just can't make sweet tea the right way! Even Chick-fil-A, bless their hearts, needs me to go back in their kitchen and stir up some sweetness for them.

Enjoying my (not so sweet) sweet tea from our Maryland Cracker Barrel. Of course the folks up here just LOVE this Southern spot. And I say, "well DUH," you never hear of anyone retiring to the north do you??

P.S. Don't you just love the fine quality of this photo, my phone is not "smart" and takes the world's worse pics.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dewey Beach, DE

We knew we lived closed to the beach, but it wasn't until we actually headed out that way did we realize just how close. In a little less than 2 hours, we were able to roll the windows down and smell that sweet salty air. Clint and I had never been to the beach in the fall so we were unsure what exactly we would do since it would be too cold to swim. It wasn't long before we both realized we LOVED being at the beach this time of year. After the long weekend, we were relaxed from our time on the uncrowded beach and refreshed from our long, cool walks on the damp sand. Hopefully, we will be able to visit again soon. And next time, we will take Chloe since Dewey allows dogs on the beach during the off-season.

Our hotel, the only beach front hotel in Dewey


10 year High School Reunion

Hard to believe a decade has passed since I graduated from high school. In September, we had our high school reunion in Rockwood. The planning committee was determined to make it a success, and after all was said and done, I think it was! I really enjoyed seeing those classmates that I had not seen since we graduated.

Friday night started off with a tour of our high school and the Homecoming football game. Lindsey came to pick me up for the game and it did feel a bit like old times.

Our senior shirt. We graduated with around 72 students, very small.

Our tour was given by our old government teacher who is now the guidance counselor. (She is in the middle row in the gold sweater...looks like one of us doesn't she!)

Catching up at the game

Some of the guys after the game at Ruby Tuesday's

Saturday night we all got together at Rockwood's Country Club. Sound swanky? Remember, small town, so as you can see, it has more of a bar-like atmosphere. (Okay, it is a bar!) But, we had a blast.

Cute cake made by an RHS alum

Katie and I had fun leading a game of reunion superlatives. Such as who has the most kids, who drove the furthest, been married the longest, etc. Great get-to-know you now game.

Class of 2001

In high school, I had a very close group of friends. The year we graduated, we had our picture taken together at Wal-Mart. (Why? I don't know, kinda cheesy, but I love looking at it now.) At the reunion we decided to re-create the photo. Thanks to Katie, we now have the side by side comparison. I'm so blessed to still call these girls my friends.

Looking forward to our next reunion!