Monday, April 12, 2010

More March happenings

Spring is here and after a cold, snowy winter we couldn't be more thankful! Happenings at the Davis household have been pretty routine. We finally got around to painting the bathroom next to our bedroom. It is a beautiful light blue and looks great. I'll have to post pictures of that soon. We also have started working outside a bit to try to get keep up with our neighbors manicured lawns and gardens. We moved our swing into the yard and created a patio area with a love seat, 2 chairs and table. Clint and I are enjoying sitting there outside after work. We love grilling out and then being able to stay outside to eat. Our dream would be a screened in porch.

We also got to babysit our sweet niece Ryann a few weeks ago. She was staying with Clint's parents for the weekend and they had an event to attend with church. We jumped at the chance to keep her for a few hours. She is the cutest thing and kept asking if we had a "big girl's bed" at our house because she thought she was going to be spending the night. When dinner time came around, she inquired if we had a "big girl's cup" for her drink. Too cute! We can't wait to have her back soon!

Ryann watching a movie sucking on her finger.(Look at that gorgeous hair!)

Ryann, Uncle Clint and "Crowie"

She wanted her toenails painted like Aunt Missy.

Some pictures of Chloe on our patio wearing her garden hat