Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Dress = Her Dress

Going through some of my mom's thing I found one of my baby dresses (one of the only ones saved). It was in perfect condition and had my monogram cross stitched on it. I had never seen a picture of me wearing it and wondered where it came from. I would have loved to talk to mom about it.

I did find out that my aunt had given it as a gift and hand cross stitched it special! I was anxious to know if it would fit Anna Ruth with the right season. And, sure enough it would! I had Lo take out the stitch and took it to get the new monogram. 

On Friday, I went to pick it up from the shop. When they brought it out I almost started to cry. I began talking with the lady and she said she would bet my mom would be excited to see it. Well, I started crying then and so did she,ha! We were both a mess and all over this sweet little dress. 

"Things" in this life certainly do not matter but sometimes they can make you smile. And I know I was grinning big when I put this dress on Anna Ruth.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Personally, I think "selfies" (taking a picture of yourself) are hilarious. I crack up seeing people take them not knowing anyone is watching. 

Yesterday, I went running and past a man (late 40's I would guess) walking his dog. We happened to be the only ones on the running path. He finished up before me and I saw him load up the dog and get in his car. Sometime later, I finished my run and stretched. Since we were the only 2 around ( and I try to be aware of my surroundings all the time) I was curious why he had not pulled out of the parking lot yet. Finally, I drove past him and lo and behold he was taking selfies. He was holding his phone way out in front of him smiling away. I chuckled thinking to myself that you are never too old, or young for a selfie!

I thought it only appropriate to end with some selfies from Anna Ruth. I love being surprised when I find these on my phone.