Tuesday, March 20, 2012

17.5 Weeks

17.5 weeks

This is when I started to realize that I must get some maternity clothes, as you can see I am still wearing my regular winter clothes, too much black and gray! We go back to the doctor in a few weeks for our fetal assessment ultrasound. Prayers for a healthy baby, boy or girl!

Girls Weekend

A few weekends ago I was in Gatlinburg with my best friends and college roommates for our annual girls weekend. Our lives have changed so much since our MTSU days--real jobs, marriages, children...but our friendship still remains as strong as ever. I know that the older we get the harder it may be for us to find time to get away with each other, but I hope this is something we can continue to make a priority. These girls are a huge blessing in my life!

We always end our trip with a meal at the Apple Barn

Bridget and Sarah

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I miss Running

If the weather were you are has been like the weather here it makes you want to get outside. And that is what Chloe Belle and I have been doing every day that it has not been raining. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I decided to give up running until after I had the baby. I realize that most doctors say it's perfectly safe up to a certain point. However, I know myself and how often I end up tripping while running (i.e. Less than 6 months ago I fell while running and severely sprained my ankle). So, I thought the safer route, at least for me, would be a daily walks.

Today we went to the park and we were passed by several runners. I hadn't really thought much about wanting to run until I saw them. I think I've said before, I'm not an extreme runner (usually only 3 miles) so my body doesn't seem to "crave" it like those who are religious about it. But, I will say that I did have a slight urge to jog a little when I was getting passed up.

However, I am finding that I'm still getting a nice little workout with my brisk walks. I'm also supplementing the walks with the pregnancy DVDs below. These are not as good as my Jillian Michaels' workouts, but I'm sure once the belly gets bigger even these might prove to be difficult.



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Puppy Mill Update

Occasionally, I check back in to see if anything has ever happened to Patricia Adkisson, the lady who sold us Chloe (read here) and who in 2008, was busted for one of the largest puppy mills in TN. I was happy to find this statement on Nashville's news channel 4:

"She ran the state's largest puppy mill; now Patricia Adkisson will spend 10 years in prison for animal cruelty. In June 2008, officials found more than 700 animals living in deplorable conditions at her Hickman County home. After her prison sentence, she will be banned from ever owning another animal or even working with any organizations that deal with animals. Since this case, state lawmakers have passed a law cracking down on puppy mills."

(from WSMV.com)

Monday, March 5, 2012

15.5 weeks

We took this picture today and what a difference a few weeks has made! I am hoping to get some maternity clothes soon because although I am still able to button my jeans (I have no idea how!), I know they will start becoming uncomfortable.

I'm still suffering from morning and evening sickness but I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it will subside now that I'm in my second trimester. Only time will tell. Whatever happens, I know it will all be worth it!

Good Friends

I simply love being back in traveling distance to my friends. In the past few weeks I have visited my high school friend Jessica (and her sweet baby Briggs) and my college sorority sister Jennifer (who is due to have her baby girl Marley in April). So blessed with my wonderful friendships!

Told you he was sweet, look at that face!

Momma Jessica

He is such a good baby!

With Jenn, cannot wait to meet Miss Marley


Admiring Annapolis

In organizing some of my pictures, I found these that Clint took one early morning at the harbor in downtown Annapolis. By far, this was one of our favorite places. While looking through these pictures, it makes me grateful that we spent a year in this beautiful place!

Such a quaint downtown


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Latest New Favorite

Because I typically feel the most sick beginning in the late afternoons, dinner has become a challenge. Mainly because 1) I can't even begin to think of food when I'm nauseated and 2) I don't really feel like moving off the couch to start cooking. So, I'm trying to plan ahead for supper which lately has consisted of using the ol' crockpot. I've always been a fan of coming home and dinner being ready to eat. However, I despised cleaning the thing out. We have a large crockpot so it can be rather cumbersome to wash in the sink.

Now, say hello to my most recent best friend: the crockpot liner

I realize some of you might think this is a bit wasteful and I can see how you are probably correct. But, for me at this stage, it has been a blessing. Once you are finished cooking, you remove the bag and easily pour the leftovers in a container and toss. No need to wash out the pot. (Although, I usually wipe it out.) Ahhh, it's the simple things I love!