Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Progress

Remember this?
Here is what it looks like now! Isn't my husband wonderful?
I love everything about how the walls turned out. The color is just what I wanted, a soft pink. It's called: White Dogwood from Sherwin Williams. Now to begin adding furniture and decorations...

Blowing Rock, NC

I got a call from my cousin Margaret that she was going to be traveling my way and wanted to know if I was up for a quick trip to Blowing Rock. Having never been and only heard wonderful things about the area, I quickly said YES! (And also because I knew I wouldn't be able to just pick up and go like that once our little lady arrives.)Who knew this piece of heaven was only 1.5 hours from me?!? This is why I love East TN so much.

We spent Wednesday through Friday exploring the sweet little town but most of all just taking in the gorgeous views of the mountains. I can see how it would be absolutely breathtaking in the fall. Maybe Clint and I will be able to sneak away for a weekend after Anna Ruth gets here to check it out.

Thanks Margaret for an always fun cousin trip!

Knoxville Baby Shower

I was so blessed to be given a baby shower by my 3 best high school friends: Lindsey, Jessica and JD. They gave me a wedding shower 5 years ago so I knew this one would be wonderful. But, I had no idea how perfect it would turn out to be...everything from the decorations to the food to the beautiful ladies who attended. With the exception of a few close friends, all of my best friends were there to help celebrate Anna Ruth's arrival. How many times in your life do you get to have all your friends from different parts of your life (elementary school, high school, college and career) in one place?!? I would have loved to have spent more time with everyone who came. Their presence at the shower was gift enough to me. I am so grateful for each of you, thank you for being a part of my life!

Lindsey defiantly out did herself with all of the decorations...and of course, all PINK!
 The monogram tile at the back of the table was Lindsey's gift to Anna Ruth, it will be perfect in her nursery!
Adorable diaper bear
 "Wishes for Anna Ruth"-everyone filled one of these out...I have already cried twice reading through them
My beautiful hostesses: JD, Lindsey and Jessica
4 generations: My Nanaw, Me (w/Anna Ruth) and my Mom (Mimi Suz)
Sorority sisters, College Roommates and Best Friends: Sarah and Bridget
My best friend from kindergarten Rachel with her sweet mother Deborah who drove all the way from Jackson just to be there with me!
With the women in Clint's family: Brooke, Mandy, Ryann and Lo (Nana)
With my sister, Jessica
She is excited about her "first, first cousin"
Every little girl needs a tutu!
30 Weeks

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sew Not Easy

For Christmas I asked for a sewing machine in hopes of learning how to sew. After I got it, it sat in the box for a few months until we finished moving and unpacking. I knew that now would be a good time to learn the basics before I became overwhelmed with motherhood. So, Lo gave me a few lessons and we learned how to use my new machine. And now for the past couple of months, I have been taking lessons once a week with a sweet lady who is a friend of the family.

It has been a bit overwhelming. I never knew there was so much to learn when it came to sewing. But, she is wonderful teacher and has been extremely patient with me. We are currently working on an outfit for Ms. Anna Ruth. It's finally starting to take shape and I cannot to see what it looks like when we are finished.


Rehearsal Dinner Decor

Brooke and I had so much fun decorating for Ben and Jessika's rehearsal dinner. It was held in downtown Jonesborough, which is Tennessee's oldest town and one of the cutest downtown areas around. Here are a few pictures I took of the table decor.


Another Mr. and Mrs. Davis

This past weekend Clint's brother Ben got married. The weather could not have been more perfect for an evening wedding that was outdoors. I gotta say, I think I left with the best looking groomsman at that wedding, but maybe I'm partial!
This flower girl knew what she was doing and looked so adorable doing it! Hard to believe she was just a month old at our wedding.

With the stunning bride and happy groom. Congrats Ben and Jessika!

Look at that Belly

I love this picture! It shows you how silly my husband is and how much my belly does looks like the watermelon under Clint's shirt!
Do I have the sweetest niece or what? She already loves hugging on Anna Ruth. Mandy told us that Ryann has also been drawing pictures of what she thinks Anna Ruth will look like. She predicts she will have brown hair and blue eyes..she just might be right! Oh, and the best part is that she always draws Anna Ruth holding flowers. Don't you just love kids?!
Aunt Brooke and Aunt Mandy feeling her kick

28.5 Weeks

Not the greatest picture of me, but an accurate one of Anna Ruth. At our last doctor's visit, my belly was measuring "on the button" (per my doctor).We go back to the specialist next Monday and my regular OB on Weds. Can't wait to see her again on the ultrasound. So far all of my test have come back good and we couldn't be more thrilled. Because we have had some stressful times worrying about her health, it makes us so much more appreciative for positive results. So many babies are born healthy everyday that it is easy to take it for granted. We are going to and already do love her regardless, but it makes us celebrate what some consider just routine check ups. We continue to pray for a healthy little lady!