Monday, June 30, 2008

Chloe's Story

Chloe is Famous! Today, Chloe and I made it on Nashville's Channel 4 news.
To see Chloe's TV debut, click here and then on the Video link under the title:

Thursday, June 26, 2008


This morning while getting ready for work I heard something on the radio that disturbed me. Hickman County authorities are treating and evaluating close to 700 animals from what appeared to a puppy mill. This is the largest bust ever in Tennessee. I was so sad to hear this news, but didn't really think anything of it. That was until I heard another reporter state that it was in Lyles, TN. I immediately dropped my mascara and ran to find Chloe's papers. I found the name of the lady who sold her to us on her papers and typed it into Google. I almost threw up when I saw her name attached to the headline. What's even worse, she had been arrested before for the same thing. Not only did this lady run one huge puppy mill, but authorities also found horses, birds, cats, you name it. As I continue to investigate, I also found that she was featured on Dateline! I am still so heartbroken. I looked over at our little Chloe playing in the floor and tried to imagine what she had gone through before we got her.

I want to let you know that I am also furious! We paid money to this spineless lady which keep her inhumane "business" going. Clint and I tried so hard to avoid this very thing. We searched the papers looking for the dog we wanted and called numerous places. If we got a bad vibe on the phone, we just said we weren't interested. We even met someone in a parking lot to "look" at their dogs. We both felt these dogs were from puppy mills, so we left. From our research, we learned that most dogs that were sold to pet stores were from puppy mills. So, we didn't purchase from there either.

We found Patricia's ad in the Tennessean. She led us to believe we would be picking up the dog from her house. We drove all the way to Dickson and waited around the town until she called us back. She gave us some excuse like she had to clean up the puppies and she lived far out, so it would be easier if we met her right off the exit. We discussed it and since we had already made the trip down there and pretty much had our hearts set on a puppy, we decided to go ahead and meet her...without seeing the parents. Yes, that was our huge mistake. However, she had papers, food supply, and medicine for us. We felt reassured by that. She even had the nerve to say that we should call her if we had any problems because she really "cares about the health of her puppies!" What a lie! She totally had us snowed.

We found in our research that it is often hard to know whether or not you are buying from a puppy mill, but it did give some clues. We learned that money is the sole reason people practice this illegal act. Thinking about the poor female dogs who stay pregnant for most of their life makes me sick!

I guess the only thing that consoles me is that we saved Chloe from a bad situation. Even though, I cannot help but feel we also contributed to the mill. I wouldn't trade Chloe for anything because we really do love her. I just pray for all those other animals that were left in the horrible conditions. I really hope Patricia finally gets what is coming to her!
Click on the video to the right of the story to see pictures of their conditions.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poor Chloe

Yesterday, Chloe lost the ability to ever become a mother. I dropped her off at the vet in the morning and was able to pick her up after work. I felt so bad when I saw her. Not only did she get spade, but she also had one tooth removed and both of her back dew claws. She was in a pitiful shape with her 2 hot pink bandages and lampshade head! I did feel a bit guilty because I almost died out laughing when I saw her wearing that thing! She is suppose to wear it for 7-10 days, which will make things more interesting. The vet said she has to wear it so she doesn't mess with her stitches.
She is doing okay today and I think is feeling better. We will all be glad when she doesn't have to wear her "pink socks" and "lampshade hat."

Sleepy from the medicine!

Check out her new socks.

"Please don't laugh at me!!!"

"Don't I look so pitiful!"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Love the Lake

Oh yes, we got back to our mountains last weekend. And I will tell you, we didn't want to leave. Well, we never really do, but this time, it was harder to drive back to the flat lands. Anyway, we go to stay for a 3-day weekend full of fun at the Davis Lake House. This was our first time to ride in the new boat. It was a blast! Clint and I both tried out the wake board for the first time. And it couldn't have been a better weekend because Brooke and Ben are home for the summer and Mandy, Robert, and Ryann were visiting too! It was also special because we got to spend Father's Day with Joe. Chloe also had the time of her life playing with Charlie. They chased each other around the house from the moment we arrived until the minute we got in the car to leave. Charlie, you are a good sport for keeping up with "legs."

Jenn's Wedding

Last weekend Jennifer and Matthew tied the knot. I was so glad I could be a part of their special day. Aside from it being rather warm outside, the day was perfect. Everything was beautiful, including the bride. I'm so glad I had my "date" Rachel with me. (Clint had to work.) We had so much fun learning our way around Lexington and going to all the wedding festivities.
Congrats Jenn!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 Virtual Campus Tour

Today, I got the link to APSU's new virtual campus tour made by It really makes our campus look good! If you don't know much about APSU (I didn't before I came here), then take the virtual tour (it's about 4 minutes). It's pretty interesting. I even learned some things I didn't know. I do make an appearance, but it's very brief!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog Make-over

I've had a few people ask me where I got my new customized layout. It was the handy work of Ashley from Great Grabbie Designs. I got her name from my friend Lena. She is very talented and will personalize your blog for FREE! You heard right! I want to make my blog look good, but you know I wouldn't pay for it! However, some people do pay with other sites, so get your request in soon. You never know, she might start charging :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

I thought I would post some pictures from the wedding we attended this weekend. Wedding season is in full swing already. (Next weekend, I'll be in West TN to be in Jennifer's wedding.) We were lucky to have another visit from Joe and Lo. They drove in Saturday to make it to the wedding. Always so fun hanging out with them and some what sad when they leave. We are trying to plan a trip to make it up their way next!

The bride Lauren went to Clint's hometown church and her father was their family dentist. The wedding was held at Cheekwood Botanical gardens in Nashville. It was absolutely beautiful!

Silliness in the car ride to Nahsville