Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Love the Lake

Oh yes, we got back to our mountains last weekend. And I will tell you, we didn't want to leave. Well, we never really do, but this time, it was harder to drive back to the flat lands. Anyway, we go to stay for a 3-day weekend full of fun at the Davis Lake House. This was our first time to ride in the new boat. It was a blast! Clint and I both tried out the wake board for the first time. And it couldn't have been a better weekend because Brooke and Ben are home for the summer and Mandy, Robert, and Ryann were visiting too! It was also special because we got to spend Father's Day with Joe. Chloe also had the time of her life playing with Charlie. They chased each other around the house from the moment we arrived until the minute we got in the car to leave. Charlie, you are a good sport for keeping up with "legs."


Anonymous said...

What? No picture of you getting up on the wakeboard on the first try!!! JD