Friday, May 2, 2014

Whatever She Wants to Be

Growing up I never felt pressure to be a certain way or "do" certain things. With the exception of higher education. It was never a question of would I be going to college but more where I would be attending. Still, I am grateful to my parents for letting me try new things and figuring out what I liked. 

My prayer for Anna Ruth is that she finds something she loves and is passionate about doing. (Of course, I also fervently pray she bi-passes the temptations of this world and make smart, Godly decisions.) I see so many kids who are over programmed with sports, dancing, recitals, lessons, etc. Most of the time it is because it's the parents desire. So no matter if she wants to be a cheerleader, play in the band, become a basketball player, act in plays, or be head of the science club, we will support and love her always!