Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Working hard b/c his pumpkin took forever to carve!

Here are pictures of our pumpkins that are glowing outside our door right now. I also wanted to include pictures from last year's pumpkins.

Have a Happy Halloween and go easy on the candy!
Last year's masterpieces!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fast Forward

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the end of October! As hard as I am trying to not let work consume my life, right now, it really is. I worked Friday night and Saturday for our Family Weekend. Unfortunately, we only had 4 families show up! I was given this project to work on as soon as I started this summer. So, I have been working like crazy to plan all kinds of activities. It was a little disappointing to have worked this much on something and then not get the turnout that was expected. I cannot say I necessarily expected a big group, but some of the others on the committee did. Anyway, I will be working again this weekend all day Friday and until at least 3 a.m. on Saturday for an event. Clint and I are really trying to make the most of our one day weekends. This past Sunday, we took a hike at a local park. It was perfect weather! Then we went to an early movie and got some dinner. We were too tired to carve our pumpkins, but we are planning to do that tonight. Look for pictures in the next few days.
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

True Inspiration

Today, I got to meet an icon in the world of education. Jaime Escalante came to APSU as part of our celebration for Hispanic Month. He is an immigrant from Bolivia who taught himself English and then changed lives in Los Angeles by teaching math in the most creative and unusual ways. He was the subject of the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver, which dramatized his efforts to help underachieving Latino students beat the odds and pass an advanced placement calculus test. I got to eat lunch with him and then attend his presentation. He is the sweetest man I have ever met and I couldn't help but find resemblances between he and my grandfather. (Although, my grandfather was not Latino and didn't teach math!!)

Senior Escalante is defiantly one of those people who makes you want to be a better person/teacher because of the passion he exudes. It almost made me want to use my teaching degree...almost, but not quite! But, his motto is defiantly something we all can remember during our daily lives.

"Determination + Discipline + Hard Work = Way to Success"

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mini vacation

We had such a great time in this weekend seeing mom and staying in Pigeon Forge. We got to mom's on Saturday night and left on Sunday morning headed up the mountains...boy, what a view. It was so beautiful! We walked around Gatlinburg and did some tourist things (ate some caramel apples) and then checked into our cabin. The place was nice, but we had a few issues (no hot water!). But, don't worry, I called the manager today and we got half of our money refunded!! S0, it wasn't such a bad stay after all :)
We spent Monday morning shopping (actually Clint did all the shopping, I didn't buy a thing) and eating at the Apple Barn...yum! It was such a short trip and we wished we could have stopped to visit more family, but maybe next time.

Me and Momma

4 hours in the car and one kid's meal toy later....
Beautiful drive home--on top of Rockwood Mountain

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Get outta here!

This weekend we are finally getting out of town! To say I'm a little burned out with work right now is a HUGE understatement! So, I've got Monday off and we are heading up to our favorite place...the East TN mountains. On Friday night we will be attending The HOPE pregnancy banquet. I've made friends with some girls that work there and this is their big fundraiser. Since, we still have not found a church home, we have been finding different places to give our tithing to each month.
On Saturday afternoon after Clint gets off of work we will be packing the car and hitting the road. We are stopping at my mom's house to sleep since it will probably be late. On Sunday morning we will be heading to our cabin outside of Pigeon Forge. I'm hoping this will be a nice break and will get my mind off of work, at least for a few days. This will be a fast trip, so we probably won't be able to visit anyone, but at least we will be getting back to "home."
My secretary asked what I was doing on my day off and when I told her she said Clint and I were always doing something fun. I told her that since we don't have kids, don't have a pet, and don't own a house, that we are taking advantage of the "no strings attached" and enjoying the fact that we can just pick up and go wherever whenever. I mean, this will probably be the only time in our lives when we will be able to do this! I'll post updates when we get back.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Fun

Here are pictures from our visit to a pumpkin patch/corn maze yesterday. Last year we went to one close to Murfreesboro and this year we found one pretty close to Clarksville, it looks like its become a tradition. Honeysuckle Farm had a lot to offer. We went on a hay ride out to the corn maze, played some games they had set up, saw all their farm animals (the pigs were our favorite),picked out a pumpkin, and once it got dark went through the haunted forest! We had such a good time that I didn't take many pictures.

You can imagine how much convincing it took for him to get behind this thing...but he's such a good sport!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New 'Do

I got my hair cut last Saturday and LOVE it! I have found an amazing hairdresser here in Clarksville who chopped it off. I told her she could have went shorter, but she told me live with it for a week or so and come back if I wanted more taken off. (Sign of a caring hairdresser!!)Keep in mind this photo is after a long day at looks way cuter in the morning, but don't we all!! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

MapQuest, you've failed me once again!

Ever since we have moved to Clarksville, Clint and I have wanted to make the trip up to Hopkinsville, Ky to visit the First Christian church there. Ron Buck was my old minister in Rockwood and he moved to Hopkinsville a few years ago to be their senior minister. Ron is a very special person to me because first, he is a great minister, second, he was always there for me during my difficult teenage years, third, he has lead me in the right direction many times, fourth, he always believed in me and told me so, and finally, he was the minister who baptised me. This May, he became even more special to me when he married us. Clint instantly took a liking to him and was actually the one to suggest we go visit his church this morning.

So, we left this morning with plenty of time to make the 40 minute we thought. Now, I've had my battles with MapQuest, but every time I always give it another chance, faithful friend that I am. But, no more! We ended up so lost in Hopkinsville, it wasn't even funny. Believe me, neither Clint nor myself were laughing! Finally, after church had already been in progress for 40 minutes, we did what we should have done in the first place...ask for directions. Boy did I feel like a fool when I went into the gas station and found out we were one block away! Anyway, we finally made it there, very late! We decided to go on into church, heck, we had driven this far. We got in, sat down for out 15-20 minutes until it was over. But, it wasn't a loss. Ron and Kathy came right over to us and talked to us for awhile. It was great seeing familiar faces and you could tell they were happy to see us. The church was beautiful and if nothing else, the singing would keep anyone coming back! We really liked it, well what we saw of it :) Next time, Ron told us to call him and they would go out to lunch with us. We'll go back, but one thing is for sure: It won't be with MapQuest as our guide!

Joy to the World

Yesterday morning, bright and early, Carrie (the secretary in our office) and I went shopping at some yard sales. This has always been one of my my favorite past times, along with antiquing. (What can I say, I'm my grandfather's girl). I was so thrilled when I found out that Clint shared the same hobby. However, he hasn't been able to go since he works Saturday mornings. I was delighted on Friday when I saw Carrie circling ads in the newspaper announcing yard sales. Since she knows this area far better than I do, she seemed like and ideal partner. (And she loves a bargain like me!) I always go with something in mind to hunt. This time I was on the look-out for a Christmas tree. Amazingly, 5 out of the 15 stops had some sort of tree for sale. However, most of them were either worn out or over priced (one was $85, HELLO, it's a yard sale!!). Anyway, I had just about given up hope until we stopped at our final sale. There, in the original box, was our Christmas tree priced at a reasonable $10. (No bargaining necessary!) I'm so excited to welcome our first tree into the family. If there is 2 things this girl loves it's Christmas and a good bargain!