Sunday, October 7, 2007

MapQuest, you've failed me once again!

Ever since we have moved to Clarksville, Clint and I have wanted to make the trip up to Hopkinsville, Ky to visit the First Christian church there. Ron Buck was my old minister in Rockwood and he moved to Hopkinsville a few years ago to be their senior minister. Ron is a very special person to me because first, he is a great minister, second, he was always there for me during my difficult teenage years, third, he has lead me in the right direction many times, fourth, he always believed in me and told me so, and finally, he was the minister who baptised me. This May, he became even more special to me when he married us. Clint instantly took a liking to him and was actually the one to suggest we go visit his church this morning.

So, we left this morning with plenty of time to make the 40 minute we thought. Now, I've had my battles with MapQuest, but every time I always give it another chance, faithful friend that I am. But, no more! We ended up so lost in Hopkinsville, it wasn't even funny. Believe me, neither Clint nor myself were laughing! Finally, after church had already been in progress for 40 minutes, we did what we should have done in the first place...ask for directions. Boy did I feel like a fool when I went into the gas station and found out we were one block away! Anyway, we finally made it there, very late! We decided to go on into church, heck, we had driven this far. We got in, sat down for out 15-20 minutes until it was over. But, it wasn't a loss. Ron and Kathy came right over to us and talked to us for awhile. It was great seeing familiar faces and you could tell they were happy to see us. The church was beautiful and if nothing else, the singing would keep anyone coming back! We really liked it, well what we saw of it :) Next time, Ron told us to call him and they would go out to lunch with us. We'll go back, but one thing is for sure: It won't be with MapQuest as our guide!


Amanda Rice said...

Mapquest sucks... but for some reason I still use it.. ya know one time I used it to find something downtown BG and it said to turn Right on a one way street going left... yeah way to go Mapquest. haha.

Anonymous said...

Might I recommend I find it to be less likely to lead you wrong. :)