Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Start Your Engines

Food City 500

I’m not sure if any of you knew that this past weekend was race weekend here in Bristol. If you aren’t a NASCAR fan then you probably didn’t know. That is unless you live anywhere close to the Bristol Motor Speedway and then you would know. I was unaware that schools around here even let out early that Friday because of all the traffic! Clint says he loved the races when he was younger for that very reason.

Now being a resident of the Tri-Cities, Clint and I joked that it might be a good thing to be able to say that we actually went to at least one race. However, I was not about to pay anything for tickets, yet alone $94 (which was the price of the cheap seats). On Friday, Clint called me and told me that he had scored some free tickets from Pepsi, who happened to be a sponsor. At that point, I had to decide if I was really serious about going or not. Well, I wasn’t really crazy about all the traffic and I’m not a NASCAR fan. But I am not one to turn down anything free. I thought if anything, we would have a heck of a time “people watching.” And that we did my friends!! It was the largest crowd of rednecks I have ever seen. Now please don’t get me wrong, not all were rednecks and really there isn’t anything wrong with the sport. I grew up listening to the races Sunday afternoons in my dad’s pick-up truck.

That being said I would like to share some memorable experiences from the Food City 500:
1) No matter what event (or how off key), hearing the National Anthem always brings a tear to my eye—include 2 paratroopers parachuting down to the track, pretty awesome!
2) It’s hard to grasp just how fast the cars are actually going until you see it in person—Holy Cow (And how dang loud they are!)
3) I’ll admit, the whole time you are watching, you are waiting to see a crash! Thankfully, none were serious at this race.

Top 5 even more memorable moments:
1) I lost track of my “mullet count” even before we entered the stadium
2) Clint and I had to be the only ones without a cooler full of beer and baloney sandwiches
3) Lady in bathroom washing her hands with a beer can on the sink and cig dangling off her lip
4) Drunken fan leaving the stadium with a cooler bigger than him walking perfectly straight and keeping it together until he passes the cops then staggered (and almost feel on me) the rest of the way.
5) And last but certainly not least: Shirtless man with the number 88 shaved into his chest hair screaming for Dale Jr. (too bad I didn’t have the camera ready for that one!)

Thanks to Clint for being my race date and laughing the whole time with me! It was an experience I’m sure I won’t soon forget!
Sea of Rednecks
God Bless America
Yes, I made him pose with the Pepsi sign
Race Fans without racing gear on
Flying overhead

So cool!
Soaking it all in!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bluegrass Visit

I wanted to post these pictures sooner, but with my work schedule it really isn’t possible to do much blogging during the week. This past weekend we make the 5-hour trip to Bowling Green to visit the Rice Family. (P.S. Margs, we passed the London exit and I thought of you!) It was so great to see them and get to catch up. It really had been forever. It was just like old times when we all lived in the ‘Boro. Albeit a little different now with Reagan but not much. That is one thing I love about Joey and Amanda, they are the exact same friends today (as parents) as they were before. We had the best time hanging out, planning games and just relaxing. Reagan is such a sweet little girl and really is such a good baby.

But, I will have to say that despite all our family and friends having babies, we defiantly do NOT have the baby bug. We are not thinking of having a baby anytime soon. So, for all you inquiring minds who have asked, the answer is a firm but polite NO. We have not even been married for 2 years yet! In fact, I think spending a weekend with a 5 month old (who is even a good baby) has pushed all thoughts of having children out of Mr. Clint’s head…for a long while anyway. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never had the “baby itch.” It’s not to say that I won’t eventually when I hear that biological clock ticking. But, shoot! I’ve got years before that thing starts making noise. We have no idea what the future holds, but we both agree that being Aunt Missy and Uncle Clint work best for us right now. And probably best for Ryann and Reagan too because we can spoil them all we want to now!

Even though I don’t have the mothering instinct right now, I think our little Chloe might. She seemed so concerned every time Reagan cried. She would whine a bit and go over to her and make sure she was okay. At one point she even followed Amanda to her room while she changed Reagan’s diaper. She was occupied for a short time playing with Abbie Jo, but as soon as Reagan made a sound, Chloe was checking it out. It so was funny!!

Joey and Amanda, thank you for a great weekend. We defiantly don’t need to wait that long before we see each other again!

Sweet baby!

She is such a happy girl!

Chloe watching Reagan

Daddy and his girl (and Chloe keeping watch!)

Tiny toes--just precious!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latest Calligraphy Project

I wanted to share the end result of my latest calligraphy project thus far. I have gotten in some good practice by doing all the invitations to Lindsey's baby shower. But the biggest project was my gift to baby Griffin--his Family Tree. (She is pictured with in it in the previous post.)I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and it looks great in his room. I think personalized items make the best gifts for baby showers, weddings, birthdays or for any time. I'm still practicing my calligraphy in my spare time and hopefully will be able to take more classes in the future.


I'm still alive

Alive but not really all that well. I have been a little MIA in the blog world thanks to my long work days and the exhaustion I feel once I get home. I literally only have time to come home, change clothes, eat dinner and go to bed. (Only to start all over again the next day.) So, I think it finally all caught up with me. I am starting to feel better today though!
I wanted to post the pictures from this past weekend. I helped to host Lindsey's baby shower. It was fun to see everyone and Griffin was blessed with mounds of goodies. This weekend we will be traveling to Bowling Green to visit with our friends Joey and Amanda and finally meet their baby girl, Reagan!

With JD and the Mommy to Be
My Nana

Family Tree I made for Griffin