Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bluegrass Visit

I wanted to post these pictures sooner, but with my work schedule it really isn’t possible to do much blogging during the week. This past weekend we make the 5-hour trip to Bowling Green to visit the Rice Family. (P.S. Margs, we passed the London exit and I thought of you!) It was so great to see them and get to catch up. It really had been forever. It was just like old times when we all lived in the ‘Boro. Albeit a little different now with Reagan but not much. That is one thing I love about Joey and Amanda, they are the exact same friends today (as parents) as they were before. We had the best time hanging out, planning games and just relaxing. Reagan is such a sweet little girl and really is such a good baby.

But, I will have to say that despite all our family and friends having babies, we defiantly do NOT have the baby bug. We are not thinking of having a baby anytime soon. So, for all you inquiring minds who have asked, the answer is a firm but polite NO. We have not even been married for 2 years yet! In fact, I think spending a weekend with a 5 month old (who is even a good baby) has pushed all thoughts of having children out of Mr. Clint’s head…for a long while anyway. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never had the “baby itch.” It’s not to say that I won’t eventually when I hear that biological clock ticking. But, shoot! I’ve got years before that thing starts making noise. We have no idea what the future holds, but we both agree that being Aunt Missy and Uncle Clint work best for us right now. And probably best for Ryann and Reagan too because we can spoil them all we want to now!

Even though I don’t have the mothering instinct right now, I think our little Chloe might. She seemed so concerned every time Reagan cried. She would whine a bit and go over to her and make sure she was okay. At one point she even followed Amanda to her room while she changed Reagan’s diaper. She was occupied for a short time playing with Abbie Jo, but as soon as Reagan made a sound, Chloe was checking it out. It so was funny!!

Joey and Amanda, thank you for a great weekend. We defiantly don’t need to wait that long before we see each other again!

Sweet baby!

She is such a happy girl!

Chloe watching Reagan

Daddy and his girl (and Chloe keeping watch!)

Tiny toes--just precious!


The Rice Family said...

Girl, we had so much fun. Visiting with a 5 month old could definitely act as birth control :). When the time comes I know y'all will be wonderful parents. We definitely have to be sure that it's not so long between visits. Maybe sometime this summer we can truck on over to Johnson City :)