Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend with Mom

This past weekend my mom came to visit our new place. She timed it right and we were able to tour DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Unfortunatly, it was another cold and windy day but we were able to take in some of the "tourist" sites. Love having family here with us!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Where are you from?"

This is the question I get asked daily. Generally,the response is, "I can tell." It pleases me to know that Clint gets asked the same thing. For some reason he thought his accent was not as noticable. Ha! Most of the time I'm proud to say I'm from TN. I'm certainly not ashamed but I am usually aware of it before I open my mouth. Yesterday, I took Chloe to get her vaccinations and the vet walked in and told me she was originally from TN and went to UT for school. Small world but made me feel like I was with "one of my own." She said she and her husband have been here for 20 years and she is just now letting go of her accent. My favorite story so far happen to occur at my favorite place, the mall. I was trying on clothes in the dressing room and was the only one in there. The sales person, who I had not yet seen, asked me how everything was working. I said something about needing another size and instead of offering to get the size, she immediatly said, "Oh, where are you from." I told her and she said I sounded so "cute." She asked me a few more questions before walking out. When I came out I never did see the sales associate and thought it was so funny how we had our entire converstation through the stalls of a dressing room. I do love the friendly nature of everyone here. I keep telling Clint that hopefully our Southern sound will come off as charming and not redneck. Either way, we are going to have to deal with it and who knows, maybe it will work towards our advantage.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Annap Favs

Being an Annapolis resident for a month now, I thought I would post some of my favorite things thus far. I know that this list will only increase once we get out a little more.

1) Quiet Water's Park- Unbelivably beautiful park that Chloe and I have been running in almost everyday. Love this place and I don't see that changing.
2) Fresh Seafood- The only time I have been able to get fresh seafood was when we took a trip to the beach. Not anymore. Maryland crabcakes, need I say more, no, I don't think so.
3) Proximity to TONS of shopping-I have grown accustom to driving a distance to be able to shop at the stores I love. No more of that nonsense. Annap has pretty much every store/shop you could dream of. Lots of cute local shops but, still my favorite for serious shopping is Westfield Annapolis Mall. (Check out all the stores, then be jealous!) And yes, we are close to DC where there is even more fantastic stores, but seriously, the local shopping is really all this TN gal needs. Thankfully, my birthday coinsided with our move here so I have had some b-day money to spend!
4) Historic Downtown- By far one of the neatest downtowns. Love all the history and the city dock. I just know we are going to be regulars here when it starts to warm up. Can't wait to see all the sailboats, afterall, Annapolis is the "America's Sailing Capital."
5) Whole Foods- I know many may laugh when you read this. But, never has a grocery store been so amazing to me. I have experienced similar stores such as a Fresh Market (we have one of those here too) but this takes it to a "whole" new level. I could seriously spend hours browsing in there. I mean, I was consumed by the entire aisle dedicated to granola! When Clint and I first ventured in the store to check-it out, it was pretty funny. I don't think I have ever "oohed" and "ahhed" so much in one store. It was so bad that he had to whisper to me to keep it down. We wanted to pretend like we were locals after all and I was totally giving it away. We are on a budget so we won't be making many frequent trips here but it will be a fun treat when we do. If you haven't experienced a Whole Foods for yourself, then you won't understand why I have placed a grocery store on my list of favorites. So, just take my word on it, Kroger does not compare.

That's the top 5 right now. I'll post more as we get out and about. I'm still job searching, so any prayers you would like to send this way would be much appreciated!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last week I celebrated my birthday. I will admit, I thought it was going to be difficult not celebrating my birthday with extended family. But, Clint did his best to make sure I had a very relaxing day (at the spa) and I loved getting to talk with friends and family that I only hear from on special occasions. When I was young, birthdays meant cake, presents and sleepovers. Now, birthdays mean getting to hear from and talk with the people that mean so much to me. Turns out, you don't have to live close to family and friends to feel their love.

Birthday cupcakes

Tomorrow, my favorite Nanaw turns 80. It is so hard to believe that all my grandparents are around that age. Not one of them looks or acts like it. I feel extremely fortunate to still have 3 of my grandparents. It is so hard to sit and imagine life without any of them. I know because, I still miss my grandfather every single day. But tomorrow is a celebration of the life of a lady who has lived solely for others. She is the most amazing Christian woman I know. I love you Nana!

One of my favorites, Easter (not sure the year, early college days)
Last year's birthday celebration. Sure will miss being there tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Our new place in Annapolis
Entry (Chloe felt the need to be in all pictures with her bone)

Living room & Dining room

Taken from our steps leading upstairs

Kitchen with door leading to deck


Guest Bedroom
Hall Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Love our sky lights

Door leads to master bath

I've been spending a lot of time in kitchen

Clint is going to miss this when I get a job!

First Annapolis Visitors

When we moved, we knew Joe already had a worked trip planned in DC. We were pleased to know that Lo would be able to travel with him. On Sunday, we met them and gave them a very quick tour of our new place and Annapolis. After dinner, we took them back to their hotel. Even though it was a very quick meeting, we were so glad to get to see their faces again. We love you both!