Saturday, July 17, 2010

What makes a Married couple happy?

Going from this size bed....

To this...

Ahh...So Nice!

Yes, we finally purchased a King size bed. After spending 3 years of marriage fighting for space in our full size bed, we decided it was time! I will say I held out on this one. Clint has wanted one from the beginning of our marriage. I was always afraid it would take up too much room, look too big, etc, etc. After having 2 weeks of blissful sleep, I will admit I was WRONG. Besides, isn't that what the bedroom is all about! We ended up purchasing a Serta mattress. It was not intentional, we just found it to be the best one for the money. Serta is now our favorite brand for more reasons than one. If you don't remember the other reason, click HERE to find out why. We are a Serta family for sure. Hands down, one of our best purchases so far!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

One reason I love Summer

All the flowers! I absolutly love hydrangeas. I hope to one day find a suitable place to have them growing in our back yard. My Nanaw has the most beautiful hydrangea bushes. These came from her house. We have really enjoyed them. I thought they were too pretty not to share.


4th of July at Hatchie Bottom

Another 4th of July spent at our property near the Hatchie River in West TN. We had a blast this year, but certainly missed all those who were not there. See you again on Labor Day!

This is what the West TN heat does to me, not a pretty look! But I love that I don't have to fool with fixing my hair or putting on make-up! (with Annie and J.Leigh)

Love this picture. The oldest member of our family talking to the newest additions to Hatchie Bottom (Squ.Thomas, Clint and Abe)

Catching up on Family Time

He will do this anywhere!

Hatchie Bottom was a Coke event long before we were a Pepsi family.(We still use this for drinks!)

Frisbee Time

When I think of HB, I think of this...

And this!

Lastly, I could not resist posting this picture of my dad on OUR bed. This is what the West TN heat does to him. (And yes, he fell asleep with his arm up in the air!)