Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day weekend/ Football Season Begins

Nothing excites our family more than the start of Fall. And nothing signifies fall more than the start of college football! We spent most of the Labor Day weekend on the lake and in front of the TV with good food. No better way to start things off than with 2 wins from our teams: Blue Raiders and Vols.

Curious Anna Ruth is 2!

Curious George is a big deal in our house. Anna Ruth loves anything CG, so this birthday party was very simple to pull together. With the exception of the CG balloon, literally everything else I used to decorate with were things we already had. Clint continued his tradition of baking the birthday cake and didn't disappoint this year with his spot on Curious George cake. Add in our family and the day was perfect. I mentioned last year that AR loved being the center of attention for her 1st bday and the same held true this year! Still cannot believe our girl is 2 years old.

Monday, August 11, 2014


On Saturday, Little Miss Anna Ruth turned 2. Me, oh, doesn't seem possible! We celebrated the best way possible, with family. I will post a few pictures from the party soon. Here are some of the things our big 2 year old is doing:

  • Talking well, with a vocabulary better than some teenagers, ha!
  • Potty trained, whew! Sayonara diapers!
  • Still taking an afternoon nap right after lunch
  • Becoming more picky with food
  • Can master most electronic devices within 5 minutes
  • Starting to do more imaginative play & playing solo
  • Loves, loves, loves being outside, especially in her swing
  • Adores Chloe and has already started bossing her around
  • Memorizes her favorite books and reads them back to us (I'm sure most children do this but I pretty much have her classified as genius in my mind!!)
  • Sings all the time which fits right in with Mommy & Daddy

My sweet little Anna Ruth,
How is it possible that another year has passed and you are now 2 years old?!? This momma is in a state of denial. In my mind, I still think of you as that tiny baby who I could cradle in my arms and still have room to spare. (I’m certain this will always be one of my most favorite images of you.) But, when I look at you I see the cute little toddler that you have become. You are the light of my life. I count down the hours when I’m at work until I can come home and see you. Over this past year, your personality has become more defined. You are our sweet social butterfly. There is not a child that passes that you do not say “Hi, I Anna Ruff!” It makes my heart melt (along with just about everything else you do). All the things you do independently make me so proud. My heart hurts thinking about how quickly time is moving. But, I am also very excited to watch you grow into a beautiful woman. Know that from the very moment I found out you were in my belly, I have been praying for you and your future. You bring your daddy and me such joy. What a blessing to have another year to be your mommy!
I love you so much more than you will ever know!



Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 year Pictures

In an effort to save money, I decided to take AR's two year pictures instead of having them professionally done. I think some of them turned out really sweet.


4th of July Weekend

Anna Ruth was able to experience her first ever Hatchie Bottom 4th of July fun. It was neat for me to watch her enjoy herself there just like I did growing up.

 My baby cousin is growing up!
 AR loved having Pop take her for rides

 One reason HB is so much fun for kids--no rules against playing in the dirt!

 Playing on one of our old toys
 AR's first ever 4 wheeler ride was with Laura Agnis who use to take me for rides when I was her age.
 "I've got this Mommy!"
 Impressing Pop with her iPhone skills
 Trying out the Hula Hoop
 On the way back home we stopped for lunch with my best friend Rachel and her family. Love seeing our kids together!

Another stop in with our college pals and their little gal. I foresee these two girls being great friends!