Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family Resemblance

No doubt Anna Ruth looks like her daddy. But, the other day my grandmother told me she thought AR looks so much like mom when she was young. I pulled out a few pictures I had and immediately saw the resemblance. It would have tickled Mom to know that Anna Ruth favors her.

Mom with my Nanaw and uncle

How sweet is this picture?!

Monday, March 17, 2014

18 month pictures

 With her Mimi Suz bear

 Showing off the bracelet daddy got her the day after she was born.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Us lately...

We play on the iPad but we also still read the paper in our house. 
Teething isn't fun but sometimes a Popsicle can help!
Pigtails are now a possibility!
Toddler-free, weekend at the Biltmore for Mommy's birthday (there will be no mention of how old Mommy turned!)
We had perfect weather!
Plenty of cake was eaten by this girl and it wasn't even her birthday!

Big time SNOW

We got the biggest snow we have had since living at our house. It turned out to be a little over 7 inches. Clint was really excited to get Anna Ruth in the snow. She is her father's child and LOVED it. He must have pulled her around on the sled for an hour. Each time she went down the hill you would hear,"Wheeeeee" followed by, "again!"

It may not look like it here but Chloe is also a big fan of the snow!
Sometimes you just get thirsty from having lots of fun!

Queen of Hearts

I had a Valentine's Day outfit for AR that I bought when she was just a wee thing. (Buying WAY ahead tends to occur with girl clothes, ha!) I was blinded by the cuteness and forgot that we don't live in Florida, it snows here in February for goodness sake. Why would we need a little Capri outfit for vday? Oh well! I decided to take some pictures of her in it anyway and I'm so glad I did. The result is a whole lot of cuteness, red and hearts...Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

18 months old

How can it be possible that my baby is already 18 months old? Well, impossible to believe or not, she is!

At 1.5 years old our spunky girl is so full of life and on the go. I want to try to always remember what she is like at this age. Currently, she:
-still really enjoys books 
-is obsessed with Elmo & Curious George (book or TV format, but we prefer books)
-is working on dropping the morning nap, we have been so blessed to have 2 naps until now
-sleeps with a "blankie"
-uses her potty chair at least once a day
-sings ABC and know most animals and their sounds
-folds her hands when time to pray
-can navigate the iPad better than most adults 
- gets excited to go to church and play with her little friends
- says "okay" instead of "yes", which is extremely cute but we are working on it
-loves her Nana (Nanny) & Pappy's house
-shouts "dance" any time she hears music and starts to twirl around
-likes to be tickled, especially from daddy
-still is pretty much a momma's girl and her momma wouldn't have it any other way!
-has a love for Chloe and so far, Chloe Belle is warming up well to her 
-continues to be the highlight of our days

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Dress = Her Dress

Going through some of my mom's thing I found one of my baby dresses (one of the only ones saved). It was in perfect condition and had my monogram cross stitched on it. I had never seen a picture of me wearing it and wondered where it came from. I would have loved to talk to mom about it.

I did find out that my aunt had given it as a gift and hand cross stitched it herself...so special! I was anxious to know if it would fit Anna Ruth with the right season. And, sure enough it would! I had Lo take out the stitch and took it to get the new monogram. 

On Friday, I went to pick it up from the shop. When they brought it out I almost started to cry. I began talking with the lady and she said she would bet my mom would be excited to see it. Well, I started crying then and so did she,ha! We were both a mess and all over this sweet little dress. 

"Things" in this life certainly do not matter but sometimes they can make you smile. And I know I was grinning big when I put this dress on Anna Ruth.