Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventures of a Slipcover

Today was the day that I had been dreading for sone time. It was washing slipcover day. I love nothing more than clean sheets on a fresh bed and a clean couch makes me just as happy. But, I knew it would probably take all day.

We have had our white couch for over a year and I hadn't tackled washing it although I do vacuum it regularly. And yes you read that right we have a white couch with a baby and and man who is prone to major spills. But I love my white couch and it has been surprisingly easy to take care of and another reason why it has a slipcover on it.

This morning I began taking off the slipcovers and putting them in the wash. I had read that you were supposed to put the covers back on the couch still damp so that the wrinkles would work themselves out. Here is where I ran into the problem. The couch is a three piece sectional that breaks apart and I couldn't figure out how to pull the dang thing apart. After 15 minutes of lifting and pulling, I was pouring sweat and was over it! About that time Miss AR decided she wanted to wake up from a very short nap. Lovely, here I am frustrated to no end and the living room is covered in pillows and cushions. I quickly called Clint to see if he remembered how to break it apart and he was slightly perturbed that I was tackling this alone. I tried not to sound flustered and told him not to worry because I would figure it out.

At this point AR is still crying in her crib so I did the only thing I could think to do next, I called Pottery Barn customer service. I knew I was going to sound like an idiot and I doubted they could help but I called anyway. It was a miracle! Somewhere between the explanation that the couch had a male and female "end" and her walking me through it, I figured it out! Sadly, it was pretty simple.

The absolute best part to this whole fiasco was that when I brought AR into the disaster of a living room, she had the best time! She giggled and grinned as she crawled and fell on all the pillows and couch cushions. I imagine it was like getting to play in one of those foam pits. I thought I would quickly put the couch back together and straighten everything up but we ended up playing in all the "mess" for the rest of the morning. Such a fun and unexpected ending to a mundane choir.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Losing Mom

A month ago Monday, my Mom died. I am still in shock as I type those words. How is it possible? Why isn't she here anymore? I feel like I have been walking around in a fog. I am able to function only by God's grace. I wonder if people see me and think how well I am handling everything because for the most part, I tend to act as if nothing has changed. But, deep inside, I am hurting every single minute of every single day. I am thankful, in a way, that Anna Ruth is young so that she doesn't really know that I am crying. Sometimes it will hit me and I start to cry and look over at her and she is smiling away. That helps me pull myself together, even if it is only temporarily.

I have found myself in the grocery store checking out in the line and want to tell the cashier to please stop what they are doing because my mom isn't here anymore and I don't understand how everyone can go on like they did before. It sounds so silly when I type it, but it is crazy how I can get mad at complete strangers for something like that and they don't even know it.

Yesterday, we spent Memorial Day with Clint's family and for some reason it made me miss Mom so much. I guess it was the thought that we won't be able to spend holidays with her anymore. Maybe it was because no matter how wonderful my in-laws are (and they are so great), it will never be her. Maybe it was because Anna Ruth was spending time with family but she won't ever get to remember spending time with her Mimi.

AR is a Mommy's girl. I have no doubt it is because she spends 98% of every day with me. Top it off with hitting month 9 where stranger anxiety usually occurs and it pretty much means that when she is around new people or even a crowd of familiar faces, most of the time she only wants me. There are times when it really bothers me because she has great grandparents that just want to hold her or other family that would like to play with her. Sometimes it can be annoying because I just need a break sometimes. But other times, I am okay with it because having those sweet little arms around me can ease the sting of my heartache like nothing else.

I don't know when I will start to feel like myself again. However, I am so thankful for a loving husband who has been so understanding during all my mood phases. I am grateful for family and friends who continue to reach out with calls, cards, texts and visits. I don't take any of these acts of kindness for granted because I know there are so many people who suffer the same heartache and don't have a strong support system. It also means that they are remembering Mom. And, that is so important to me, that no one forgets her beautiful smile and kind personality.

But, I am mostly thankful for the love of Jesus. He is the one that continues to pull me out of the pit of loneliness that I seem to feel on a daily basis. Above all, I know He is going to get me through this dark time. My mom always told me to look to Him for guidance and that is exactly what I am trying doing. I found this verse the other day and it brings me so much comfort. I pray it does the same for you:

 "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But, take heart; I have overcome the world." John 16:33"

9 Months

I love her little scrunched up nose! She does it when she gets really excited or really upset.

Monday, May 6, 2013

8 Months

8 Months Old


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Months 1-6

Thank you Aunt Brooke for putting this together.