Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 year Pictures

In an effort to save money, I decided to take AR's two year pictures instead of having them professionally done. I think some of them turned out really sweet.


4th of July Weekend

Anna Ruth was able to experience her first ever Hatchie Bottom 4th of July fun. It was neat for me to watch her enjoy herself there just like I did growing up.

 My baby cousin is growing up!
 AR loved having Pop take her for rides

 One reason HB is so much fun for kids--no rules against playing in the dirt!

 Playing on one of our old toys
 AR's first ever 4 wheeler ride was with Laura Agnis who use to take me for rides when I was her age.
 "I've got this Mommy!"
 Impressing Pop with her iPhone skills
 Trying out the Hula Hoop
 On the way back home we stopped for lunch with my best friend Rachel and her family. Love seeing our kids together!

Another stop in with our college pals and their little gal. I foresee these two girls being great friends!