Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Silhouette Love

I've been wanting a silhouette of Anna Ruth for a while. And not just any silhouette, I wanted one from Tim Arnold. He has been cutting silhouettes for over 30 years and I knew I wanted to get while the gettin' was good (so to speak). Not only is he from Tennessee (extra points) but he has cut silhouettes for George H. W. Bush's grandchildren (extra, extra points). If you know me, you know I love the Bush particular Laura. So, add those together, TN native and good enough for a president and I am sold!

Also, I purchased the traditional black oval frame from the company he recommends, Wright Frame Company- also a local TN neighbor- and it's stunning!


Anna Ruth started preschool this year. (Same church she has been going to for nursery school just moved up to a new classroom with preschool curriculum.) She was so excited to be with the "big kids." I will say, she looks like a big girl compared to last year's first day!

2yr old/ 3 yr old