Sunday, December 30, 2012

AR's 1st Wedding

One of Clint's co-workers got married yesterday and he specifically asked us to bring Anna Ruth to the wedding. We knew it was going to be a small affair and it wouldn't last too long so we decided to take her. If we were being totally truthful, we don't skip many opportunities to show her off, especially when her presence was requested. And we both love dressing her up!

Cold Weather Cuteness

Cold temps call for cozy baby clothes!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 Months

Cannot believe my baby is already 4 months old. Didn't we just bring her home from the hospital yesterday? It certainly feels like it! This has been a fun month for us because her developmental milestones are more noticeable now. That sweet little personality is starting to show. Still fussy? Yes, but not near as much.

Anna Ruth meets Santa

Very Merry Christmas

This year was our first Christmas as parents. And even though Anna Ruth is only 4 months old we can already see how much fun the holidays are going to be from now on with her. Getting to share traditions and make new ones with our family is what I look forward to the most. After all, Christmas to me is about family, making memories and remembering the greatest gift that was ever given to any of us, Jesus.

We started the Christmas fun in Rockwood with my mom's side a few weeks before. We then got to celebrate Clint's birthday the weekend before Christmas with all his family (more on that in another post). On Christmas Day we headed to the lake house to spend time with the Davis'. Of course, I think it's told best through pictures, so enjoy...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Momma's Got a Brand New 'Do

I finally made the cut! My 9 inches of hair is on the way to Pantene Pro-V for their Beautiful Lengths program. I chose to donate to them instead of Locks of Love because they make wigs for any woman with cancer, not just children. I wanted to do it in honor of the wonderful women in my life who have battled and won the fight! It is another way that I hope to one day teach Anna Ruth that you don't need money to give.