Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eventful Saturday

Today was a really fun/exhausting day for me. I woke up this morning with Clint as he was going for work and I got ready to go (where else) back to school. I am an advisor for a student group who hosts a dance marathon for the Children's Miracle Network. This dance is an all night event in which participants are not allowed to sit down and must keep dancing until the morning. Austin Peay students named this event "One Night Stand." Obviously, the reason for the name is the interest that it generates from students. This year, the student committee decided to hold a 5K Miracle Maker run. So, as one of the advisors (and the new girl on campus), I had to be there to help at 7am this morning. It was a little chaotic, but I'm proud to say they made a nice profit from it.

Also this morning, APSU had their Bid Day for the sororities. When the race was over, I was invited to stop in the Alpha Delta Pi house. The other assistant director in my office who is over Greek Life is an ADPi, so she introduced me to the girls. I was a little apprehensive at first because I'm not an alum of their chapter. But, they were all so welcoming. I got to meet a lot of really great sisters. The chapter advisor told me that they might have an open advisor position and asked me to consider it. Clint and I are going to talk it over, but I think it's something I would really like to do.

Anyway, after all that, I ended up leaving campus about 1ish. So much for my day off :) But, I'm just happy I'm meeting new people and learning more about the students here!

From my ADPi days

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mat Kearney Concert

Mat hi-fiving the students.

It was so cute how excited they were to meet him!

I have one more day of Homecoming to survive. Last night, we had our Homecoming concert with rising star Mat Kearney. He's a crossover Christian artist who is becoming pretty popular on the radio. (Some liken him to John Mayer.) This was the biggest event I have planned so far and I am so happy to say it is OVER! I have been working with my student programming board and my supervisor on this show since I first began in July. Wow, who knew a concert took so much behind the scenes work. I began early yesterday morning, a little before 8am, and didn't get home last night until 12am. My gracious supervisor is allowing me to come in late today! But, that is probably just so I can rest up for the parade tomorrow which will be another first for me. I've only ever been in parades, never planned and orchestrated one. But, I'm hoping after that concert last night, this will be pretty easy. After Saturday, I plan on planting myself on the couch all day Sunday. I'm so glad Homecoming only comes once a year :)

I'm posting some pictures of Mat with our student programming group. The students were a huge help and I wanted them to get a chance to meet the guy they worked so hard bringing to APSU. He is a super guy and took time to sign everything and talk to each one.

Remembering Old Memories and Making New Ones

Somehow our marriage works despite this HUGE difference!

Sarah's first guitar lesson.

I love my Bridge!

It was so wonderful having my 2 old roommates and best friends back with me for the weekend. Things were a little different this time because, I'm married and it's not just me here anymore. But, Clint fit right in and got along great with Bridget and Sarah. They have given me the stamp of approval and told me it's OK to let him "in the family" now :) He was a great sport about spending his weekend with 2 extra girls!!

On Saturday morning we got some girl time in with some shopping and pedicures at Opry Mills Mall. Then, we hurried home to watch the TN vs FL game. (Clint was already in front of the TV cheering when we got home.) We all know how that game ended! I was glad to have Sarah with me so I didn't have to suffer the game alone. For those of you who don't know, Clint, for some reason, is a Florida fan :) He had some help cheering from Bridget cheering on Florida. She is what we now have identified as a "switcher." Whichever team was winning, that's who she cheered for. So, in the end, Clint and Bridget celebrated the victory. Sarah and I are still licking the wounds from that game!

I always hate to see company leave, but we are already planning our next reunion...which hopefully won't be too long from now!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Roomie Reunion

"Reunited and it feels so good!!"

Tomorrow my old roommates (and sorority sisters), Bridget and Sarah, are making the trip to come visit us in Clarksville from East TN. Oh, how I've missed them. I've seen Sarah a few times since our wedding, but I will be seeing Bridge for the 1st time in 4 months!! The 3 of us have share so many wonderful and funny memories over the years...almost enough for a lifetime. The time I spend with them is so precious. I so lucky that my husband understands my need for girl time. He will be joining us to watch the UT/FL game on Saturday, but he knows we have to do some girl things later on :) We are going to have a blast no matter what we do. I cannot wait!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Family Fun

We were so sad to see Clint's parents leave us! They arrive on Saturday evening and left Monday afternoon. We had a blast eating some good food, watching some college football, playing games, and catching up. And, we now have an updated picture of Ryann! We hope they had a great time, even if they had to sleep on the blow-up mattress!! Hopefully, it won't be too long before we get to see them again. We love you Mom and Dad!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

More house guests

We are so happy that on Saturday, Clint's parents are coming to visit us in Clarksville. We haven't seen them in awhile and are excited that they decided to make the drive to hang out with us. I've said this a million times, but I could not have been blessed with better in-laws. I'm so thankful Clint has such supporting parents!
I'm sure we are going to have a great weekend!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Loretta Lynn and Minnie Pearl

Me and Minnie

Check this guy out!
I mean business!

Clint had no idea who these 2 ladies were. We stopped in at Centerville-home of Minnie Pearl and also Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch. I had to explain to my "non-country music listening husband" who these 2 country legends were. We had fun looking at all the free tours at LL's place and trying on the jackets and hats in the gift shop. The lady at the gift shop tried her hardest to sell me that $200 leather jacket. She made such a fuss over me when she saw me in it. She said it was too cute! We obviously passed :)

On our way out, we stopped at Cissie Lynn's country store to get some drinks and was greeted by Loretta's sister herself!

A little R&R at the B&B

Clint and I just returned from our relaxing weekend at the Chestnut Hill Ranch B&B. Since we couldn't head to Jackson for the traditional Labor Day weekend at Hatchie Bottom, we thought we would at least get a quick trip in somewhere close. After a little over an hour drive, we pulled up to the Ranch and was greeted by Dr. Cher and George- the owners. After some talk in the living room, we were showed to our "Victorian Room" upstairs. What a cute place! We fit right in, antiques everywhere!! We were fed a wonderful Rib eye dinner and then took a night time dip in the hot tub outside under the stars. The next morning George and Cher fed us an absolutely delicious breakfast and gave us a map of a 30 mile yard sale close by and directions to the Mennonite community. We were off! (No good bargains at the yard sales though!) After a long afternoon, we returned to the B&B and got more acquainted with the horse, cows, chickens, ducks, baby goat, and pop belly pig named Ezmeralda. Clint and I relaxed the rest of the evening by playing a few games, walking the property, reading, and taking another dip in the hot tub. We awoke to the smells of another full course breakfast. It was truly wonderful! I'm so glad Clint and I got to get away for a weekend and spends some quality time together!