Friday, September 21, 2007

Mat Kearney Concert

Mat hi-fiving the students.

It was so cute how excited they were to meet him!

I have one more day of Homecoming to survive. Last night, we had our Homecoming concert with rising star Mat Kearney. He's a crossover Christian artist who is becoming pretty popular on the radio. (Some liken him to John Mayer.) This was the biggest event I have planned so far and I am so happy to say it is OVER! I have been working with my student programming board and my supervisor on this show since I first began in July. Wow, who knew a concert took so much behind the scenes work. I began early yesterday morning, a little before 8am, and didn't get home last night until 12am. My gracious supervisor is allowing me to come in late today! But, that is probably just so I can rest up for the parade tomorrow which will be another first for me. I've only ever been in parades, never planned and orchestrated one. But, I'm hoping after that concert last night, this will be pretty easy. After Saturday, I plan on planting myself on the couch all day Sunday. I'm so glad Homecoming only comes once a year :)

I'm posting some pictures of Mat with our student programming group. The students were a huge help and I wanted them to get a chance to meet the guy they worked so hard bringing to APSU. He is a super guy and took time to sign everything and talk to each one.