Friday, May 31, 2013

Adventures of a Slipcover

Today was the day that I had been dreading for sone time. It was washing slipcover day. I love nothing more than clean sheets on a fresh bed and a clean couch makes me just as happy. But, I knew it would probably take all day.

We have had our white couch for over a year and I hadn't tackled washing it although I do vacuum it regularly. And yes you read that right we have a white couch with a baby and and man who is prone to major spills. But I love my white couch and it has been surprisingly easy to take care of and another reason why it has a slipcover on it.

This morning I began taking off the slipcovers and putting them in the wash. I had read that you were supposed to put the covers back on the couch still damp so that the wrinkles would work themselves out. Here is where I ran into the problem. The couch is a three piece sectional that breaks apart and I couldn't figure out how to pull the dang thing apart. After 15 minutes of lifting and pulling, I was pouring sweat and was over it! About that time Miss AR decided she wanted to wake up from a very short nap. Lovely, here I am frustrated to no end and the living room is covered in pillows and cushions. I quickly called Clint to see if he remembered how to break it apart and he was slightly perturbed that I was tackling this alone. I tried not to sound flustered and told him not to worry because I would figure it out.

At this point AR is still crying in her crib so I did the only thing I could think to do next, I called Pottery Barn customer service. I knew I was going to sound like an idiot and I doubted they could help but I called anyway. It was a miracle! Somewhere between the explanation that the couch had a male and female "end" and her walking me through it, I figured it out! Sadly, it was pretty simple.

The absolute best part to this whole fiasco was that when I brought AR into the disaster of a living room, she had the best time! She giggled and grinned as she crawled and fell on all the pillows and couch cushions. I imagine it was like getting to play in one of those foam pits. I thought I would quickly put the couch back together and straighten everything up but we ended up playing in all the "mess" for the rest of the morning. Such a fun and unexpected ending to a mundane choir.