Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Annap Favs

Being an Annapolis resident for a month now, I thought I would post some of my favorite things thus far. I know that this list will only increase once we get out a little more.

1) Quiet Water's Park- Unbelivably beautiful park that Chloe and I have been running in almost everyday. Love this place and I don't see that changing.
2) Fresh Seafood- The only time I have been able to get fresh seafood was when we took a trip to the beach. Not anymore. Maryland crabcakes, need I say more, no, I don't think so.
3) Proximity to TONS of shopping-I have grown accustom to driving a distance to be able to shop at the stores I love. No more of that nonsense. Annap has pretty much every store/shop you could dream of. Lots of cute local shops but, still my favorite for serious shopping is Westfield Annapolis Mall. (Check out all the stores, then be jealous!) And yes, we are close to DC where there is even more fantastic stores, but seriously, the local shopping is really all this TN gal needs. Thankfully, my birthday coinsided with our move here so I have had some b-day money to spend!
4) Historic Downtown- By far one of the neatest downtowns. Love all the history and the city dock. I just know we are going to be regulars here when it starts to warm up. Can't wait to see all the sailboats, afterall, Annapolis is the "America's Sailing Capital."
5) Whole Foods- I know many may laugh when you read this. But, never has a grocery store been so amazing to me. I have experienced similar stores such as a Fresh Market (we have one of those here too) but this takes it to a "whole" new level. I could seriously spend hours browsing in there. I mean, I was consumed by the entire aisle dedicated to granola! When Clint and I first ventured in the store to check-it out, it was pretty funny. I don't think I have ever "oohed" and "ahhed" so much in one store. It was so bad that he had to whisper to me to keep it down. We wanted to pretend like we were locals after all and I was totally giving it away. We are on a budget so we won't be making many frequent trips here but it will be a fun treat when we do. If you haven't experienced a Whole Foods for yourself, then you won't understand why I have placed a grocery store on my list of favorites. So, just take my word on it, Kroger does not compare.

That's the top 5 right now. I'll post more as we get out and about. I'm still job searching, so any prayers you would like to send this way would be much appreciated!


Melanie said...

So glad to hear you're enjoying getting settled in there. I'm like you on the Whole Foods - such an amazing store. I can't really afford to shop there, but it's nice to grab the occasional item. Something else I do is that sometimes I'll go eat there with a friend. They have a great salad bar, hot bar, pizza, sushi, etc. and it usually isn't any more than I'd spend eating out somewhere else.

Mariellen Cherry Rigby said...

You know a grocery store is good when you can't wait to eat there. I agree with your favorites!! Annapolis is a hidden jewel that I do not think many people know about. Downtown is wonderful! I can't wait for Mac to come, so we can spend a day with you guys there.

Tara said...

Well you made me jealous for, seafood, etc! Sounds wonderful. We have a Whole Foods and you are is awesome! I love to go in there but you are right about the piggy bank. Unfortunately we don't go there often. Glad you are loving your new home!