Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm still alive

Alive but not really all that well. I have been a little MIA in the blog world thanks to my long work days and the exhaustion I feel once I get home. I literally only have time to come home, change clothes, eat dinner and go to bed. (Only to start all over again the next day.) So, I think it finally all caught up with me. I am starting to feel better today though!
I wanted to post the pictures from this past weekend. I helped to host Lindsey's baby shower. It was fun to see everyone and Griffin was blessed with mounds of goodies. This weekend we will be traveling to Bowling Green to visit with our friends Joey and Amanda and finally meet their baby girl, Reagan!

With JD and the Mommy to Be
My Nana

Family Tree I made for Griffin



Lindsey said...

thank you for being a wonderful hostess!!! love you Aunt Mish :)

Susan said...

You did an absolutly beautiful job on Griffins family tree.It was good to see you for a short visit I miss you,hopefully soon we can get a date when I can come to JC if our schedules ever are the same.Be careful this weekend and tell Joey and Amanda hi and give Reagan a kiss.Love u