Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mini vacation

We had such a great time in this weekend seeing mom and staying in Pigeon Forge. We got to mom's on Saturday night and left on Sunday morning headed up the mountains...boy, what a view. It was so beautiful! We walked around Gatlinburg and did some tourist things (ate some caramel apples) and then checked into our cabin. The place was nice, but we had a few issues (no hot water!). But, don't worry, I called the manager today and we got half of our money refunded!! S0, it wasn't such a bad stay after all :)
We spent Monday morning shopping (actually Clint did all the shopping, I didn't buy a thing) and eating at the Apple Barn...yum! It was such a short trip and we wished we could have stopped to visit more family, but maybe next time.

Me and Momma

4 hours in the car and one kid's meal toy later....
Beautiful drive home--on top of Rockwood Mountain


Amanda Rice said...

Hope you and Clint had a wonderful weekend, looks like you did even with no hot water- hey, a cold shower never hurt anybody haha. Plus half the cost- always a plus!! BTW- love the new haircut if I haven't told you that already. :) Hope to see you all soon.

Lindsey said...

looks like yall had a great time.. always enjoyable in gatlinburg no matter how redneck it can sometimes be ha! By the way.. pretty sure our hair cut is exactly the same. hey great minds think alike right? :)

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

I am glad you all had a good trip! I miss going to Gatlinburg in the fall... Love the kids meal glasses, such a good look for you. You and Lindsey look like twins with your hair cut!