Thursday, March 1, 2012

Latest New Favorite

Because I typically feel the most sick beginning in the late afternoons, dinner has become a challenge. Mainly because 1) I can't even begin to think of food when I'm nauseated and 2) I don't really feel like moving off the couch to start cooking. So, I'm trying to plan ahead for supper which lately has consisted of using the ol' crockpot. I've always been a fan of coming home and dinner being ready to eat. However, I despised cleaning the thing out. We have a large crockpot so it can be rather cumbersome to wash in the sink.

Now, say hello to my most recent best friend: the crockpot liner

I realize some of you might think this is a bit wasteful and I can see how you are probably correct. But, for me at this stage, it has been a blessing. Once you are finished cooking, you remove the bag and easily pour the leftovers in a container and toss. No need to wash out the pot. (Although, I usually wipe it out.) Ahhh, it's the simple things I love!