Friday, December 9, 2011

My Best Friend, the Bride

I think I have mentioned before that my best friend Rachel and I have been friends since kindergarten. So, when I found out that she was getting married in October, I told her I would do everything I could to be there. I had already taken some days off of work and just recently flown to Knoxville. But, I have an amazing husband who knew how important this was to me. He told me to go and not worry about it. It was the BEST trip. Rachel drove 6 hours by herself to make it to my wedding so I couldn't imagine not being with her on her day. It was so special.

Sweet Timothy, my first "nephew"

The bride and groom to be at the rehersal dinner. Doesn't Rachel look stunning!

Here we are at her rehersal dinner (10/2011) and a picture from us at mine (5/2007).

I do not normally cry at weddings because they are happy times and I usually only cry at sad occasions. I didn't even cry at my OWN wedding. However, I boo-hooed when Rachel walked down the aisle. Maybe it was because I wasn't actually in the wedding on stage in front of everyone or maybe it was because I know the journey she has taken to get to this point. Either way, I now know what it means to cry tears of joy.

I was asked to cut the cake at the reception. I also now know there is a science to wedding cake cutting.

With my beautiful best friend

The happy couple! Thank you Rachel and Burton for letting me be there to share with you on your wedding day.