Saturday, October 15, 2011

10 year High School Reunion

Hard to believe a decade has passed since I graduated from high school. In September, we had our high school reunion in Rockwood. The planning committee was determined to make it a success, and after all was said and done, I think it was! I really enjoyed seeing those classmates that I had not seen since we graduated.

Friday night started off with a tour of our high school and the Homecoming football game. Lindsey came to pick me up for the game and it did feel a bit like old times.

Our senior shirt. We graduated with around 72 students, very small.

Our tour was given by our old government teacher who is now the guidance counselor. (She is in the middle row in the gold sweater...looks like one of us doesn't she!)

Catching up at the game

Some of the guys after the game at Ruby Tuesday's

Saturday night we all got together at Rockwood's Country Club. Sound swanky? Remember, small town, so as you can see, it has more of a bar-like atmosphere. (Okay, it is a bar!) But, we had a blast.

Cute cake made by an RHS alum

Katie and I had fun leading a game of reunion superlatives. Such as who has the most kids, who drove the furthest, been married the longest, etc. Great get-to-know you now game.

Class of 2001

In high school, I had a very close group of friends. The year we graduated, we had our picture taken together at Wal-Mart. (Why? I don't know, kinda cheesy, but I love looking at it now.) At the reunion we decided to re-create the photo. Thanks to Katie, we now have the side by side comparison. I'm so blessed to still call these girls my friends.

Looking forward to our next reunion!