Friday, November 2, 2007

Way to Go Joey

This weekend our friend Joey will be graduating from Police Academy in Kentucky. Clint met Joey at MTSU before Clint and I were together. Clint was in Joey's wedding when he got married to Amanda. Once I came along they graciously accepted me into their friendship circle. We all soon became great friends. In Murfreesboro, we had couples night at least once a week which usually consisted of some kind of board game. When we decided to just have family members in our wedding we knew that Joey would have to be in it because they are like our family.

Joey and Amanda moved to Bowling Green when Clint and I moved to Clarksville. We have visited each other a few times, but not nearly enough. This weekend, Joey will be graduating and we are so proud of him. We wish could be there with them at his graduation. However, the real world is way more demanding than our carefree college years and we will both be working this weekend. But we will be thinking about him and now that he is finished with the Academy, hopefully our visits will become more frequent.

Way to go Joey!
Miller's Grocery- 1 of our favorite restaurants
Serious bowlers!


Anonymous said...

I know Joey will love to see this! I was just going to take a quick look and see if anything new was going on with you and Clint and found this... me being the emotional one that I am of course it brought me to tears! We miss you and Clint very much and hope that we can visit in some way sometime soon. Love you guys and thanks for this post!!