Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sleep Deprived Thoughts

Well, I thought since it is almost midnight and I am still unable to sleep I would do some blogging. (I promise the next post will have some pictures.) I worked late tonight and drank some caffeine at work to keep me going. Now, I’m suffering the consequences. It’s hard to come home from work and wind down in just an hours time. Don’t get me wrong, my body is exhausted, I just cannot sleep! (Mental Note: No more Diet Mt. Dew and/or tea after 6 p.m)

But, I do want to send out Congratulations to three of my high school friends.

On Saturday, 2 of my friends got married: Katie along with Casey. I was unable to attend Katie’s wedding in Nashville due to (what else!) work. However, I was so glad I made it to Casey’s wedding in Harriman. It was a blast! Pictures to follow.

Also, one of my best friends Lindsey and her husband JR welcomed Griffin into the world on Monday. Most of you that read my blog also read Lindsey's blog, so this is probably not news to you. If you do read her blog you know they have long been awaiting his arrival. Can't wait to see him. Congrats to all three of you… we are growing up fast! Does this make us adults now?!?


Lindsey said...

thanks aunt mish! i need to see pics of that wedding please since i was kindof busy that day :)

Katie said...

Thank you so much! We did miss you! I will post pictures soon.