Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ladies, he's off the market!

This weekend, Clint and I had the pleasure of sharing in Tom and Erin's special day. Tom is my oldest first cousin and the only boy cousin on both sides of his family. One could say he was spoiled, but I wouldn't dare since I was the baby in the family for a long time. Margaret, J.Leigh and I could never go anywhere unless Tom was accompanying us. Even to this day, even though we are all in our twenties, the parents and grandparents always request that Tom be the one to drive. He's had many years of taking care of us girls and now he has one more to look after. Maybe now with Erin on our side, he will take us to a chick flick now and then!
Erin and Tom's wedding was gorgeous! I commented on how nice it was to go to a wedding and not actually be in it. The main reason was that I got to send more time talking and catching up with everyone there. It's always so wonderful having all of your family in one place at one time.
Congrats Tom and Erin. May God bless your marriage as much as He has bless ours so far!
P.S. I have made copies of all the photos I took from the weekend and will be mailing them out to family shortly.

No W wasn't as the wedding, but I'm sure he sent his wishes :)

The newlyweds!

My date

The cousins

My twin (aka my grandmother)

Me with Margs


Anonymous said...

But it would have been SOOOO cool if W had been there! I guess he's been too busy watching Olympics in China.

Rachel Owens said...

That blue dress is incredibly gorgous and you looked terrific in it. If you were a few feet taller and me a few pounds smaller, I would ask to borrow it. LOL:)