Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My big girl office!!

I've had some people ask when I was going to post about my new job. Since starting last Monday (7/2), this is the first opportunity I've had.

So, week two of the new gig finds me very overwhelmed. With that being said, I love the ladies I'm working with. I've been blessed to have started with the new secretary (whose personality I instantly loved!), so we have been learning together. My boss Heidi, somewhat resembles myself. She is friendly, but knows how to get down to business. Lindsey is the other Assistant Director who is very social and outgoing with the students. They have all be extremely helpful and nice to me. For that, I'm soooo grateful b/c I can tell you I've been a little stressed. I know once I get in the "flow" of things and figure out what everything is and what I need to do with it, I will be much better off! Until then, I'm just taking things one day at a time...and I mean literally. Today, I worked on one contract the WHOLE day!

Anyway, the other employees at APSU have been very welcoming as well. I glad I have this period to get adjusted before the students come back in the fall. But, I'm excited to see how the university livens up once they return!

I posted some pics of my office. I already took down my welcome sign or I would have taken a picture of that too :) I was excited that my first job includes a real office and not a cubical. (But, I would have been grateful for that too!) I got a brand new laptop that I can even take home if I need to work. Very official! I can't wait to get my business cards!!


Anonymous said...

i love your big girl office, i really like y our kleenex holder and file holder! VERY CUTE :) i am glad you are doing well and enjoying your new job, i love you and cant wait to see you soon!

Tabitha said...

Congrats BIG GIRL!!

Lindsey said...

Aww Melissa Davis... you ARE official! Love it. And how awesome is God that He took care of you like that... she I told you there should be no worries :)

Katie said...

YAY! So exciting! I know everything will be fine, once you get into the swing of things. You will be a pro before you know it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love the office. I also like it that you have what appears to be hand sanitizer on your desk. I find this to be just as important as a stapler on mine, ha! Good place to hang your paddle,too! Have fun getting settled. I'm excited for you.