Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Morning Jogs

Every morning when Clint gets up for work at 5:45, I pull myself out of bed and put my running shoes on. (Sometimes I even beat him out of bed!) This morning, it was still foggy outside and the sun had not yet come up. Our neighborhood is called Riverside and Riverbluff condominiums. Unfortunately, we are on the Riverside section and we don't have a view of the river. But, every morning I run by the edge and can see the amazing view our neighbors across the street have! And this morning, the view was breath-taking! (I was running, so couldn't take a picture, sorry!) The sun began popping up over the fog rolling across the river. Views like this make me not understand how people don't believe in God! Its in these quiet morning moments ,when the rest of my neighborhood is still sleeping and I'm trudging up a hill to a perfect scene, that I realize how truly blessed I am!!


Amanda Rice said...

I need your determination!!! :) Soooo wish I could make myself get up that early to run! Maybe I'll get there someday soon. Hope all is well in the big Clarksville, TN!!! :)

Lindsey said...

you are so dedicated. can you send some of that this way! hey i have been walking every night... still no jogging though and DEFINITELY not getting up in the early am :)

Denira Baird Williams said...

aren't moments like those so precious!