Sunday, May 11, 2008

Back in the 'Boro

Clint and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary back in Murfreesboro. It seems only fitting to travel back to the place we met. We had not been there since we moved and I knew we would see some changes. Murfreesboro now has every restaurant known to man. We didn't have enough meals in a weekend to eat at all the places we wanted! Friday night we got there around dinner time. We had just enough time to check in our hotel and head to our favorite Mexican restaurant- La Siesta. We drove around campus that night and got to see all the changes that are occurring. It amazes me how much has already been a new road running through campus!

I can never sleep in anymore with my early bird husband. So, on Saturday morning we got up early and went to find some good yard sales--another favorite past time. We knew just what neighborhoods to hit up. No big deals were found, but we had fun seeing the area. Chloe made a few dog friends on the way too! By the way, did I mention how much I now appreciate pet friendly hotels? That is one of the reasons we stayed in the cheapest hotel the first night and one of the more expensive ones the second. If you ever travel with a pet you will understand. But, I think we still saved money by not having to put her in a kennel. We also had a blast showing her "our town." After we exhausted the yard sales, we checked out of that hotel and grabbed some lunch. We took our lunch to Cannonsburg and had a picnic. This place is pretty special to us. Clint has since told me that he wanted to propose to me there on our favorite porch swing. But, he couldn't wait! It was such a perfect day outside. Chloe has mastered the game of fetch and is moving on to bigger tricks. She now will run back with the ball and if you hold open your arms, she will jump up into them...just like on the dog shows! (I warned you that you would learn a lot about her. Remember, she is going to be our only dependent for a long time...God-willing!)

After our picnic and hike we did a little shopping. Then, it was time to check into our other hotel. It was much nicer and the bed was A-Mazing! For dinner, we decided to visit Miller's Grocery. This is one of the places we miss the most. It was, as usual, delicious! We spent the rest of the night watching movies on our flat screen. It was such a restful weekend. We defiantly miss our 'Boro.

Miller's Grocery
Action Shot


Amanda Rice said...

The Boro has changed quite a bit. So jealous, wish Millers was here in Bowling Green! Sounds like you two had a wonderful Anniversary weekend! Time really flies by!!
Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

happy 1 yr anniversary! wow how time flies

Katie said...

Yea! I know Murfreesboro was glad to you all! :) Happy Anniversary!

Lindsey said...

wow i cant believe it!!! no way a year has already passed by!!! well i am so happy that you two got to get away and i know it is always nice to go back to the place where you have so many memories together. love ya sister!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!