Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We love visitors

Friday, I got a wonderful surprise at work when Bridget showed up at my office. I felt like 2 parts of my life met for the first time: my college life and my big girl life(aka Work!). Bridge had never been to my office. So, it was so nice to have other MTSU alum in the building. She rode up with some family friends and had to leave late that night. Still, we squeezed in a trip to the mall (naturally) and a Red Lobster visit. I can always count on her to make my day even better. Miss you already Bridge!
Saturday, we cleaned house in preparation for the Davis family (the original Davis' of course). Joe and Lo arrived late that afternoon. As usual, we had a blast over the next two days. I love when family comes to visit and we can show them around. While they were here, Joe and Lo purchased a GPS system. Okay, I've seen these gadgets in friend's cars, but never actually used one before. What a cool invention! For a person like me who is directionally challenged, that little thing is a jewel. I really want one. I know, it's not a necessity, but I defiantly wouldn't argue with Clint about purchasing one.
My in-laws are so thoughtful. Clint and I had been complaining about how our yard was looking. Being renters, we cannot really control when our grass gets mowed. So, 99% of the time we live in the Amazon. Chloe gets lost in our backyard when we let her out. We also don't really have much of an area to landscape. (Therefore, my southern girl gardening skills will have to be honed later.) But while here, Joe and Lo purchased some flowers and mulch to fix up our tiny area in front of our place. It looks so nice! We really can't thank them enough. I'll post pictures later. They left Monday morning headed out west to the Lonestar state. We wished we could have tagged along, but maybe next time.


Lindsey said...

why do you have to be SO DANG FAR AWAY????? :( I would be your visitor every day if not ha!