Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Camping

Summer is here and for the Davis family that means camping. We have been anxious to use our new tent again since we only got to break it in once last year. We were so glad when our friends Matt and Andrea asked us to go camping with them. Andrea is one of my friends from work. She and I spent all last week during our breaks searching for a camp ground. Of course, all the state parks were booked for lodging. No surprise there. All of the primitive camping was first come first serve. The closest camp ground is an hour and a half away. We didn't want to take the chance of driving all the way there and not getting a spot. So, we found a camp ground only 20 minutes away from us in Adams, TN. We were very excited to find out that it was on the Red River and they rented canoes. So, we loaded up the pups (their dog Molli is one of Chloe's friends), and headed out to Bell Witch country. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the tale of the Bell Witch took place in Adams...not too far from our camp ground in fact. I was very familiar with the legend after having Mrs. Kirkham for 8th grade literature and also after watching "The American Haunting." I filled Andrea in on all the details I could remember. We then read up on it more once we got to the campground. Kinda spooked us a bit!

Once we got there, we pitched our tents right next to the river. That night, we didn't get much sleep. I won't go into this, let's just say there is a big difference between state parks and privately owned camp sites. The next morning, we packed some food and headed down the Red River. It was a perfect day to canoe. The sun wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze. Andrea and I were curious to see if the dogs could swim. I know it's probably instinct, but we had never seen them in water. Chloe confirmed she had swimming legs after about 5 minutes of being in the canoe. She jumped right out into the water for no apparent reason. It was quite funny. (Although, I was not laughing at the time.) Luckily, Clint was able to reach into the water and pull her out. Later in the trip, Molli did the same thing! Matt wasn't as lucky to catch her as she went by. He had to jump in and rescue her. The whole thing was comical! We know now, our dogs love the water.

That night, Matt and Andrea cooked a yummy meal of shrimp, fish, and red potatoes. Gourmet camping! We left Sunday because Clint didn't have off on Monday. Thanks Palomackis for a fun Memorial Day weekend!

Chloe's first swim (besides the jump in experience).

Molli's first swim

Drowned rats!

Clint and his girl

Cooking up some good food


Lindsey said...

glad yall had a good holiday! coming into rockvegas this weekend by chance? i just decided to come :)

amanda rice said...

Looks like y'all had lots of fun! Wonder how Abby would survive a swimming test. :) Y'all should come to BG sometime seems like forever since we've seen ya, it's definitely been before you got Chloe!!!