Friday, January 23, 2009

Window "Mistreatments"

We have more windows in this rental house than we did at our last place. Therefore, they have been bare for quite some time. And truthfully, some will stay bare. However, I did a little "mistreating" to 2 of the bare windows. (Visit Nester's blog to see all her window mistreatments. I get a lot of good ideas from her. She is so practical.) Because we are renting and hopefully will one day soon have a house of our own, I didn't want to do anything too permanent. That's why the only materials I used for this little project was some tape, glue gun and thumb tacks. It was quick, cheap and easy. I also didn't cut any of the material because who knows what I could use it for later. (Also, it eliminates sewing!)

Don't look too close b/c you will see many imperfections. But, that's what I love about Nester's instructions: It doesn't need to be perfect...and shouldn't be! So, after an hour of assembly and hanging, here is my finish product. I'm happy with it now, but who knows, I could always change it. Aww, I love not having to commit!
I HATE our bathroom's so outdated! (That's why you will not see pictures of the rest of it.)
Fabric + Trim= $4.00 window treatment
Taping the edges allowed me to avoid gluing the trim on the fabric. Key word here is reusable.

Finished product. At least now the out dated bathroom has a little style.
Fabric for kitchen window...again another out-dated room. Now thinking about it, all the rooms pretty much are :)
Fabric + Trim= $8.00

A little dark, but you get the idea.


The Nester said...

Nice work Missy! You should be proud! Good luck with the job hunting!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Those look great! I cant sew at all and have the fabric ready to go but need a little help to do it. I will check out that lady and see if I can figure out how to do it myself! Thanks for the motivation!

Susan said...

Wow Missy you did great you wont be needing MOM for decoratons anymore you did a beautiful job I'm proud!!!

Lindsey said...

those look awesome mish!

Anonymous said...

looks good mish!!!! i think its WONDERFUl that you are over qualifies, CRAZY, but wonderful.... you would think people would want true "qualified" people!!... oh well good luck...see you soon...
love ya