Sunday, January 25, 2009

"There she is, Miss America"

Anyone catch the Miss America pageant last night. Please refrain from the eye rolling if you don't ever watch pageants. Last night, I just happened to catch it TV. I grew up watching the Miss America pageant. I know all the reasons that some dislike this "scholarship" pageant. And while I do find the swimsuit competition degrading to women, I still love watching this (if you will allow me to say) historic tradition. BTW--the interview portion is worth way more than swimwear...does that help? No, I didn't think so! Love it or hate it, you gotta give props to anyone who walks onto a stage in a swim suit and knows they are being judged!!

I was glad I caught it in the beginning because I had an opportunity to weigh in on my initial favorites. And, I knew that without a doubt, my best friend Bridget would be watching too. A little background if I may...Bridget and her mother are Miss America fans (big time). Neither Bridget nor her mother have ever competed, they just love it. They are great predictors of the winner and I think Bridget would be an awesome pageant coach. For years they have gone to Jackson to watch the Miss TN pagent and even been hostesses a few times. Living together in college, Bridget and I use to watch the pageant together. We even went to Atlantic City for Miss America to cheer on our sorority sister and Miss TN at the time, Ashley Eicher. What fun!

So, last night, Bridget and I got to "watch" it together again via text messages. (Sometimes I really do love technology.) And as usual, Bridget was so accurate. Her top pick from the very beginning was Miss Indiana and that's who took the crown as our new Miss America, Katie Stam. Congrats, Miss Indiana!
P.S. Clint and I think she looks like Rachel McAdams (from the Notebook).
Miss America parade the night before the event.
Miss America 2005
We made our national TV debut with these signs!
Miss TN 2005, Ashley


Susan said...

I'm so glad your keeping up with our "Miss America tridition" its always been fun to do as you girls were growing up

Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

I picked Katie Stam from the reality show. I loved her!!!