Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the past week I...

--Played in the snow with Chloe yet again while Mr. Davis plowed through it on the roads with the big ol' Pepsi truck. (See pictures below)

--Wished my best friend/old roomie Sarah a Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to our annual post Christmas get-together in a few weeks.
--Celebrated Joe's b-day over at their house with all the family! So fun!
--Received a letter in the mail telling me that I didn't get another job! Not so fun! Letters are never good. I'm slowly learning to handle rejection. (And I do mean SLOWLY)
--Substitute taught every day but 1 last week. I am thankful for that small, yet steady source of income. (One day I was in the cosmetology classroom!)
--Got the urge to pull out some things in our storage/spare room to do some more decorating.
--Finally figured out what to do with some pillows purchased from a garage sale forever ago. (See pictures below)
--Went to the first week of Ladies Bible study at church. I'm so excited to start this study and continue to meet new friends.
--Finally got a diagnosis from the doctors regarding mom's mystery illness. It's her gall bladder!! She is scheduled to have it removed on Monday. Funny, that is what the nurse originally thought it was when we took her to the ER. Wow, could have saved us a weeklong hospital stay and tons of pain for mom!
January 8th
Can't keep this dog inside when it snows. She plays in it forever!
Garage sale pillows--think I paid 4 bucks for both. Not ugly, just wanted more color on the couch.
Took out the old needle and thread and stitched this fabric on one side...

and this on the other. This way when I get tired of one look I can have a new one with the flip of a pillow! Neat idea and not mine by the way. I get most of my good ideas elsewhere :)


Lindsey said...

what a busy week! love the new pillows and man you got more snow??? so jealous :)

The Rice Family said...

I sure wish we could get some snow, don't think that will ever happen :( Love the pillows, really hope we get to see y'all soon!!!!

Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

Ms. Creative!!! I wish I could sew period. THey are really cute!!

The Lankford Family said...

I had my gallbladder taken out a couple of years ago after I had Kierstin, it went good. It just makes it hard to eat high fat foods for awhile. Good luck with her surgery and I will pray for her.