Friday, January 16, 2009

Praising the Pressure Cooker (A whole blog dedicated to the PC!)

Bless the inventor of this handy cooker. Yes, you might be amazed to know they still make the pressure cooker. However, my Nanaw can attest to the fact that finding one of these jewels is a real challenge. I was instructed to add this to my wedding registry by my mom and grandmother. They promised me after using one I would never go back. But, forget that, because Belk, Bed Bath and Beyond nor Wal-Mart had one. You should have seen the confused, bewildered look I received when I asked a young associate at BB&B if they had a pressure cooker. This just confirmed my suspicions that they are a thing of the past. Nevertheless, last Christmas I was shocked to find a rather large present to me from Nana. Oh yeah, she found one. It should be no surprise that she finally located one at the “find almost anything store” Wally-World.

Okay, so why am I going on and on about this kitchen must-have. Well, I’ll tell you why. Because not only can you cook the most tender roast your taste buds will ever savor or the most delicious green beans your belly will ever digest…but, you can do both in about 30 minutes! So for all you working gals, mommies, married ladies or Rachel Rays out there, you know the value of a 30-minute meal! Last night I cooked another roast in my secret weapon and I’m proud to announce that I think I’ve finally mastered that meal. I grew up thinking this is how everyone cooked a roast and how it is suppose to taste. Well, not so! But, it can be if you use the PC. Since this is one of Clint’s favorite meals, it’s such so great to be able to come home and throw this in the pot, add a cup of water, a little seasoning and voila! 30 minutes later…you are on you’re way to impressing anyone who eats it. They will think you have had it in the oven or crock-pot all day. Now, you all know the secret. So, don’t be afraid, go hunt one down and get cooking! (Unless, you already have one and then you know what I'm talking about!)



The Rice Family said...

So the PC is the secret... I have been deprived then... I know my mom uses one regularly but I don't have one. Hmmm

Katie said...

Well then, I will have to find one for my registry as well. :)