Thursday, August 16, 2007

On Belay?

Yesterday afternoon, as part of our staff development training, our office went to the rec center to do some wall/rock climbing. Only one of us gals had done climbing before, so we were all pretty nervous. The wall at our rec center is a 26-foot top-rope climbing wall with a 12-foot boulder. After some lessons on rope tying, belaying techniques, and climbing terminology, we were ready to begin. I was really excited because this had always been something I've wanted to try. I'm not very athletic really, but I love to run and do aerobic activity, so I saw this wall as My Challenge! It felt a lot higher than it looked once I was climbing. With help from Roosevelt, the instructor, I made it to the top!! I didn't realize just how physically challenging it was going to be, but it was such a great feeling to tap the top of the rock. I did a second climb, but miss the top by a few holds because I was just too exhausted. I'm so glad that our office did this together. It was a great team building experience. (Did I mention that we were alone in the rec center b/c it is closed right now? That helped, no gawking students watching you hang on for your life!) I was also told that taller people usually have a harder time climbing. Finally, I've found something that short people have the advantage in!! I really enjoyed it and I cannot wait to get back up there! So, Belay On!


Lindsey said...

Belay's on! haha I love it. You do know this is what i did for all of those summers in college while i was working at youth camp. I know all about this :) Good job!

Jeremy and Lacy said...

I am so impressed! Good girl!!