Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crazy Time

Last week and this week have been extremely busy for me at work. The student's first day of class was on Monday, but the freshman were allowed to move in last week. I've literally been living at work! Hopefully, once this week is over I won't have to be working 8am-9pm anymore!! I've hardly got to spend time with Clint. He's been very understanding. Thankfully, we are getting Labor Day off! Clint has to work on Saturday, but after he gets off, we are headed to Only, Tennessee for a little R&R at a bed and breakfast. This will be our first real weekend getaway as newlyweds. We are looking forward to spending some time riding bikes, reading, and eating some good food! I'm sure I'll be taking pictures :)
I hope everyone has a restful Labor Day!
P.S.I'm sorry to everyone...I'm really not ignoring my phone calls, I've just been working. I'll call everyone back once I get back to a normal pace. I'm a little out of touch with the outside world right now :)


Lindsey said...

yea yea yea.. haha just kiddin! i know what you mean with extreme overload with new students so of course i forgive you for ignoring all 15 of my calls :) what b&b are you going to? i will be home so if you are close i would love to see you!!!