Sunday, August 12, 2007

3 month anniversary

Today, Clint and I celebrated our 3 month wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how these months have flown by. We really didn't do much today to celebrate. I actually forgot until Clint said something about it on our way home from church. We had a lazy Sunday afternoon--my favorite! We got up and made breakfast, went to church (a new one we really liked), got groceries, and then came home and watched a movie. He usually gives me a hard time about watching chick flicks. But, he didn't say a word when I popped in one of my favs, "You've Got Mail."
As a working gal, I'm slowly realizing the term, "Living for the weekends." I work all week just to get to the weekend and have it fly by so fast! My work is really picking up. The closer it gets to the return of the students, the more time I'm putting in. I'm excited to have them come back, but I will be so much more relaxed (I hope) around mid-October. APSU's homecoming is in mid-September, which is really early and really close to the Welcome Back events. I never appreciated how much work went into these events when I was a student. Even when I helped plan some of these as a student, I never really saw all the hours put into it. So far, I'm really enjoying it though. Clint is still reporting that he likes his job. This is probably going to be the roughest time for him since his truck has NO AIR! He is literally worn out when he gets home. It's funny, when we both get home, he's physically worn out and I'm mentally worn out!!
But, we are still enjoying Clarksville and finding our favorite spots around town. Saturday night we went down by the Riverwalk. There was somewhat of a breeze and the sun was still setting. It was so nice. I can't wait to see what it's like here in the fall.


Lindsey said...

man 3 months go by fast huh? just wait till you are already at a year... wowzers :)

Katie said...

What? Where has the time gone?

Jeremy and Lacy said...

Congrats girl...try to enjoy every minute of it. It goes by faster and faster!

Anonymous said...

time has flown by!!! before you know it ......HAPPY 50TH!! :)